Zoom makes it easy to connect your meeting directly to Twitch

Zoom announced on Wednesday that it’s making it easier to live stream your meeting or webinar on Twitch by adding native integration with the streaming service to its app. After connecting your Zoom and Twitch accounts, you can start broadcasting your meeting with just a few clicks.

Zoom says the feature is intended to “streamline the process of sharing content within” communities, which clearly seems to be expected to be used for things like corporate webinars. There are plenty of use cases I can think of for this sort of thing, though – it would be an easy option for people who want to do a live podcast, share a sermon, or make something like a public meeting available to the audience. Or heck, just stream your 8 a.m. stand-up if you’re really excited about sharing what you’re working on with the world (although you’d probably want to check company policy to make sure everything is fine).

The Live on Twitch button in Zoom is pretty user-friendly compared to other ways to stream a meeting to the service.

To be clear, it’s not like streaming a Zoom meeting on Twitch was impossible before. Zoom supports casting to other platforms such as Facebook and YouTube and would allow you to add a custom streaming service. So technically you could have streamed on Twitch by adding your URL and stream key. You could also have set up OBS and used it to broadcast a meeting, but both of those options would have been more involved than the new process, which is simply clicking a “Live on Twitch” button and logging into the service.

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