University completes first phase of equitable compensation review and renews commitment to ongoing appointments

July 14, 2022

University completes first phase of equitable compensation review and renews commitment to ongoing appointments

During Chancellor Austin A. Lane’s listening and learning tour, many SIU Carbondale employees expressed concerns about pay inequity. As a result, the Chancellor commissioned a working group to carry out an in-depth study of the classifications of the unrepresented civil service and certain administrative professional positions.

The first phase of the analysis examined an internal-to-internal equity comparison of employees in the same civil service classifications or administrative professional titles where there was more than one employee. The analysis took into consideration the time spent in class (or title) for each employee.

“Our most important resource is our people,” Lane said. “Our employees have demonstrated their dedication to our university and our students day after day, despite all the challenges. With this review process, we have made fair compensation a priority.

The result of this effort is that over 100 employees will see a salary adjustment based on this review. Today, Vice-Chancellors and Heads of Department will receive information about who on their team is affected. As soon as department heads are notified, communication to affected individuals will be handled by the supervisor and HR communications will follow shortly thereafter.

Additionally, it was determined that the university would renew its commitment to convert the term to a continuous contract process for professional administrative staff. Continuing appointments require the university to provide staff with one year’s notice of the future of their employment and give employees the ability to carry over a certain number of unused vacation and sick days each year. The PA Staff Council, led by President Todd Bryson, has been instrumental in keeping the university’s focus on the issue of continuing appointments during this salary review process.

The Civil Service Staff Council, led by Chairman Anthony Travelstead, has argued for a review of employee pay inequalities. Bryson and Travelstead received an update on the Equity Study process during the spring semester.

“I would like to thank those who worked on this study, especially Tracy Bennett, a 2021 retiree from SIU Carbondale whose expertise and significant background in human resources and labor relations were essential in providing the data. that informed the decision-making,” Lane said. “Tracy’s close attention to data and task force analysis were key.”

The university is partnering with Dr. Yueh-Ting Lee, chair of the Faculty Senate, and a committee of faculty to begin a review of faculty salaries in the fall. Additionally, future studies will include a review of SIU Carbondale employee salaries compared to peer institutions, relevant market data (especially for classifications where there is only one employee on the roster) and other categories such as custom civil service classifications. Updates on these efforts will be provided to constituency group leaders.

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