Train-Bus hybrid public transport vehicles in service in Japan

Train-Bus hybrid public transport vehicles in service in Japan

A fleet of buses that can also be used as trains has started providing public transport services in Japan. The train-buses called DMV (Dual-Mode Vehicle), which stands for dual-function vehicle, can run on both rail and road.

The midibus-sized DMVs, which began serving Tokushima province in the south of the country, have steel wheels that allow them to move on the rails as well as their normal tires.

The steel wheels rest on the track, disconnecting the front tires from the ground. The rear wheels maintain their connection with the rail for propulsion.

The reason is the decline and aging of the population

The main reason for adopting a dual-function vehicle solution in the region is to reduce transportation costs in rural areas, whose population is shrinking and aging rapidly.

Shigeki Miura, managing director of the company that operates DMVs, told Reuters that DMVs reach local people by bus and can also carry them on railways: “We hope this becomes a very good form of public transport. , especially in rural areas with an aging population “.

DMVs with a capacity of 21 passengers can reach speeds of 60 kilometers per hour as trains. On normal roads, this speed is 100 kilometers per hour.

Diesel vehicles in different colors will connect several small towns off the island of Shikoku in southern Japan and provide passengers with sea views (euronews)

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