Suburban services provide employers with access to transportation resources

As we continue to navigate this pandemic, workforce development has become an important topic of discussion as employers seek to fill vacant positions. By examining barriers to employment, transportation can be a barrier for those looking to work, and commuter services can be a critical tool in helping provide transportation resources to employers and employees.

Suburban services and employer partnerships

Commuter Services is an initiative that was created over 15 years ago to help reduce congestion and improve local air quality by providing options for commuting, other than driving alone. Our services are available to employers in Adams, Berks, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Lancaster, Lebanon, Perry and York counties as well as commuters who live or work in any of these nine counties. Employers recognize that commuting can have effects, both negative and positive, on the job performance of their employees. If an employee doesn’t have a reliable way to get to work, it will have a negative impact not only on their job search, but also on employers looking to hire. Employers who take the next step in creating positive commuting experiences will reap financial rewards on the bottom line of their business.

Employees who arrive at work with a stress-free attitude are more productive and ready to commit to going the extra mile for their employer. Traffic jams, tolls, endless waiting times at traffic lights, and unreliable transportation add stress and expense to an employee’s daily commute. Employers tend to see these challenges translate into decreased productivity and job satisfaction.

Commuter Services is able to help employers by providing FREE services that help their employees find a better commute and therefore a longer and more productive occupation with their workplace.

Commuter Services: Commuter Programs

Our staff will listen to the employer’s needs and then structure a program that will work best to get their employees to use a more cost-effective mode of transportation. Some options that we can customize based on their location and specific employees include:

Carpooling and carpooling programs – Employees can reduce their travel costs by up to 50% by sharing a ride by carpooling or vanpool. In turn, employers may find benefits in supporting carpooling efforts, reducing their investment in expensive parking infrastructure costs or providing solutions for those looking for employment.

Public transport information services – Transit offers a reliable mode of transport at a very economical cost. Employers can support employee use of public transit by offering transit passes for purchase at the workplace; provide pre-tax benefits; or in coordination with transit agencies to ensure that bus stops are convenient for the job site.

Resources on biking and walking – Cycling and walking to work are great options that can significantly reduce employee travel costs while providing the opportunity for regular exercise. Employers can encourage cycling and / or walking to get to work by providing convenient bike racks, lockers and / or showers.

Online Matching: Commute PA

Through our personalized ridesharing and rewards program, Commute PA, commuters can find carpooling or carpooling arrangements. This program can be accessed through the Commute PA app on Android and Apple or directly from our website – Employees can use this program to locate potential carpooling partners. Commute PA will geographically match commuters ‘departure and arrival locations with commuters’ working hours, to help form convenient and achievable carpooling and carpooling arrangements between people with similar commuting needs. The program is a valuable tool for those looking to reduce their travel costs as well as close the gap for those who require transportation to work.

Commuters can connect directly with others with similar travel habits and contact to start carpooling. For employers, this resource can provide options for those who need transportation assistance and at the same time help current employees find more efficient ways to get to work. In addition to finding carpooling connections, employees have access to resources for biking, walking and taking public transit. Once a commuter starts using a green mode (carpooling, carpooling, telecommuting, cycling, walking or public transit), they can record those trips and earn rewards, which is just one more incentive to s ‘register with Commute PA.

Emergency home transportation program

A lot of people think, “I would like to carpool or take the bus to work, but what if I get sick during the day or if the person I rode with has to leave for work? any reason ? What if my child gets sick at school and I don’t have my car? What if I’m asked to stay late for unscheduled overtime? “

Commuter Services knows that these concerns can lead many people to think that they need their cars “just in case” every day. To help solve this problem, we have an emergency home transportation program. This program is for anyone who uses a green mode for their work, is registered with Commute PA, and logs their trips. Eligible commuters can receive reimbursement for an emergency ride up to 6 times per year.

Next steps

When looking to develop your individual workforce development strategies, Commuter Services of PA can help you provide resources and solutions for your employees. These strategies may include initiating a preferred carpool parking program, developing a telecommuting policy, or providing public transit pass subsidies to employees who wish to travel by bus. To learn more about how we can help you provide transportation options to your employees, please email us at [email protected] or visit for more information.

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