partners with Amadis for the deployment of Tap-to-Pay

MONTREAL–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Amadis, a leading payment consulting and software provider, today announced a partnership agreement with to provide its Universal EMV Tier 2 framework and pre-certified cores to integrate into Softpay’s new Tap-to-Pay service. Softpay’s revolutionary Tap-to-Pay service can be downloaded to any Android device and becomes a full-featured payment card acceptance terminal. Softpay’s solution provides merchants with greater flexibility and future-proofing capabilities, while reducing costs and creating new revenue opportunities.

The Amadis solution is a component of its Amadis One software framework consisting of an EMV L2 framework and an ecosystem supporting any EMV contactless core. It enables Softpay’s service to seamlessly accept EMV payments on Android-based COTS devices with NFC capabilities, reduces the time it takes Softpay to roll out new products, and provides payment acceptance of all payment schemes. payment, on its new mobile payment platform. The Amadis One software framework is the first solution to activate nexo standards (ISO 202022) on Tap-to-Pay platforms.

“Softpay’s solution helps us transform the shopping experience, allowing our store associates to verify customers anywhere in the store or on the sidewalk,” said Thomas Grane, CIO, at Matas. “The solution generates new sales opportunities and enables a more efficient and personalized customer experience.”

Softpay’s Tap-to-Pay impacts multiple industries, including retailers and QSRs, which can operate more efficiently. Staff can accept payments, while multitasking anywhere in store or at curbside pickup points. Transit companies can create new points of sale by instantly offering and processing new and upgraded tickets, while passengers are on trains and buses.

“Softpay’s Tap-to-Pay service delivers innovative new experiences to the retail, transportation and QSR industries, and our Amadis One software framework helps them get their products to market faster,” said Emmanuel Haydont, CEO and co-founder of Amadis. “Amadis One standardizes complex payment processes, freeing up resources for merchants to innovate, speeding time to market and reducing costs, while improving the customer experience.”

“By integrating Amadis One with our Tap-to-Pay solution, we are enabling merchants to revolutionize the customer experience, while reducing costs and providing greater flexibility,” said Craig Jacoby, CEO of “By enabling tap-to-pay transactions on smartphones, merchant fees for card transactions are reduced, new points of interaction (POIs) with customers are generated, creating new and innovative ways to interact with customers, while processing transactions.”


Softpay was founded in 2019 to take advantage of new Visa and Mastercard specifications for payment terminals that allowed Softpay to develop a mobile app that allows merchants to turn a regular phone into a contactless PIN-based payment terminal. Softpay has grown into a company with over 30 employees headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Softpay has received over €9 million in funding and the ambition is to be one of the world’s leading providers of tap-to-phone solutions. Major European payment companies have decided to partner with Softpay and Softpay is now also focusing on North America.

About Amadis

Amadis is a leader in payment card acceptance software technology, with its software running on more than 50 million devices worldwide. The company provides industry-leading software products, frameworks and solutions for global merchants, payment terminal manufacturers and payment processors. Amadis provides merchants with the widest range of EMV card processing options in the industry using custom or commercially available technology, regardless of hardware, operating system or geography. The company brings an elite and experienced software team to the industry and offers solutions for international acceptors in over 23 countries. Learn more at

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