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Laurel Businesses Emphasize Importance of Buying Locally

Laurel Businesses are ready for Small Business Saturdays (today) as many buyers look locally to meet their vacation needs this year.

Like most small businesses, Laurel’s bustling downtown businesses provide a unique and organized experience for its residents, offering prices and products not available at big box stores. Small Business Saturday is an opportunity to support the community in many ways as small businesses do more than just provide goods and services, said Kelly Lambert, owner of Cotton Boll.

“We are the people who give to local causes to which their children come for donations all year round,” Lambert said. “We are giving the teenagers of the residents some of their first jobs and premises. Supporting the local by buying (from local businesses) does more than just help our business.

Local shopping means everything to Emily Green, owner of Bella Bella.

“It puts money back into our community for projects and to support local nonprofits,” Green said. “It allows us to give more back to our community and do everything that makes our small town great. “

Many local businesses have unique products that are only available in their stores and are specially stocked by the owners to meet the needs of their customers, Lambert said.

“We offer Mississippi products and brands statewide,” Lambert said. “It helps our local economy. “

Tourists in Laurel shouldn’t be the only ones to take advantage of the local businesses. Many people tell Lambert that they would like to have a downtown area that offers gifts and products unique to their hometown.

“More Laurelites should come downtown and explore what we have to offer,” Lambert said. “It’s nice to have people from all over to take advantage of what we have to offer. “

Bella Bella is the local supplier of On Running running shoes and also stocks Patagonia and Tyler Candle products. There are many brands exclusive to Bella Bella in Laurel, Green said.

“We strive to have unique items available so that it is a unique experience for our customers,” said Green.

The Cotton Boll offers custom leather, jewelry, clothing and bath products that are supplied with the intention of providing quality and durable products.

“One of our biggest sellers this year are custom leather guitar straps from a company in Georgia – there are leather items available for both men and women,” Lambert said. “I try to find items that will translate well for my clientele and that will support the brands I stock. “

Another perk of local shopping in downtown Laurel is same-day service, as well as gift wrapping, Green said. The store ships items for tourists or out-of-state customers and eases the worry of waiting for items to come from bigger brands.

Many of her items can be purchased directly from the @shopbellabellalaurel instagram account.


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