Roll on: Curbside Bicycles Brings Tune-ups to a Sidewalk Near You | Local News

“This way my marketing is completely targeted. It comes from a trusted source: a neighbor, rather than myself, who is a random person. And it’s 100% free, ”Oestreich said. “I don’t know of any other marketing technique that ticks those boxes. “

Oestreich doesn’t set times for the pop-up, but usually stops picking up customers when he reaches 15 bikes and stops him when the last bike is finished. Each tune up costs $ 75. Replacing items like inner tubes and chains costs more. More than that and it’s a job for someone else.

“If your bike falls apart and needs all kinds of replacements, I don’t,” Oestreich said. It specializes in fast, close service for everyone from the occasional weekend cyclist to daily commuters by bike.

It’s the perfect business model for the pandemic, he said. The business is entirely outside, with little customer contact required. And by traveling to residential neighborhoods, he meets clients where they are – which, at the height of the pandemic, was mostly at home.

New year, new neighborhoods

The moment Orangetheory offered Oestreich his job, he turned them down.

Curbside Bicycles “fully supports me,” he said. “I feel super lucky. The fact that the pandemic has been a boon to me is sort of an astonishing phenomenon. “

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