Why is it a good idea to have an app like Good finance to organize our numbers? It is a reliable, safe tool with a very intuitive and visual operation as well as being a free download. The money we spend is automatically organized by categories so that we can review all monthly and weekly expenses with ease: receipts, gasoline, subscriptions, supermarket … By exposing our date in an orderly way it is much easier to make decisions on how to spend and save better.

In Good finance ‘s blog they collect all kinds of advice to expand our knowledge about savings and responsible planning in the event that we believe our financial expertise needs to improve. The better we control the evolution of our income and expenses, the better prepared we will be to effectively manage our domestic economy.

These are the functionalities of this financial tool that can do more for you:

Organization by categories or ‘tags’


Through a series of algorithms, Good finance identifies and classifies all the movements of our bank account, credit and debit cards included. With this system of categories – which we can also edit – create graphs with our spending histories that explain, clearly and visually, what concepts we have invested more or less money.

This system allows you to easily locate transactions, in the most specific way, and in the time period we need. Such a detailed record will give us the necessary information to rethink our way of spending money.

Budgeting and savings goals

Budgeting and savings goals

It may be that we are saving to change cars, to settle once and for all the debt of a credit card or to pay for a good holiday: no matter what the objective.

As soon as you are clear, Good finance can help you achieve it with a personalized plan, following step by step the recommendations provided by the tool: set the amount you want to save and set a deadline. From there, the key is in our self-control and discipline so as not to neglect that goal.

Notifications and alerts service


The Good finance app also deals with sending notices and notifications when there is any movement in our accounts, both for expenses and income: payroll collection, commission charges, possible overdrafts or duplicate movements, for example.

With all this data, the tool creates very useful graphical reports at the end of the month and designs personal parameters for each user, offering a forecast of expenses by categories for the next month or period of time we choose.