Railway strike will affect Transport for Wales services

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Job : Mon 20 June 2022

The biggest railway strike in 30 years will take place this week after wage talks collapsed.

The Rail, Transport and Maritime Union (RMT) said that “despite the best efforts of our negotiators, no viable settlement of the disputes has been found”.

More than 40,000 Network Rail employees and 13 train operators are expected to leave.

Workers will picket across the country on consecutive June 21, 23 and 25 for wage and job losses.

Transport for Wales (TfW) is not in a dispute with the union, but the majority of rail services across Wales will be suspended during the industrial action.

In a statement, the RMT said: “In the face of this massive attack on our people, the RMT cannot be passive.”

“So today, after hearing the reports of the discussions that took place, we confirm that the strike scheduled for 21st23rd and 25e June will go ahead.

“We want a transport system that works for the benefit of people, for the needs of society and our environment – not for private profit.”

“We are calling on our members to stand firm, support action, picket lines and demonstrate their will to fight for justice in the workplace.

“Every worker in Britain deserves a pay rise that reflects the cost of living crisis. All workers should benefit from good negotiated terms, working conditions, work practices and occupational pensions that will secure their standard of living in retirement.

“We call on the entire labor movement and workers to rally in support of the RMT and our members in this struggle.

“The RMT will support all groups of workers who organize and fight for these goals and we call for joint campaigns and coordinated action to achieve a better deal for workers and a fairer society.”

“RMT remains available for discussions that will resolve this dispute and ensure our transportation system can operate without disruption.”

TfW said: “We are advising customers not to travel by train on June 21, 23 and 25 as the majority of our rail services are suspended following industrial action stemming from the dispute between RMT and Network Rail.”

“Due to the greater disruption caused, we are also advising customers to only travel by train if essential on June 20, 22, 24 and 26.”

“TfW is not in conflict with RMT, but the industrial action means we are unable to operate rail services on Network Rail infrastructure.”

“There are also expected to be disruptions on the days leading up to and following the industrial action, with early morning services in particular likely to be affected. Trains are also expected to be extremely busy throughout the week.

Merseyrail services will also be suspended during the three-day strike.

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