OnRobot’s WebLytics Solution Software – Today’s Motor Vehicles

OnRobot, a provider of collaborative robotics applications, launched its WebLytics software, a production monitoring, device diagnostics and data analysis solution designed to improve productivity and minimize downtime.

Capable of monitoring the performance of multiple collaborative applications simultaneously and in real time, WebLytics aggregates equipment data from robots and tools and transforms it into visualized and easy-to-understand intelligence at the device and application level.

For end users and integrators, WebLytics eliminates manual data collection and provides actionable insight into the performance of a collaborative application, offering live device diagnostics, alerts, and preventive maintenance actions to minimize downtime. costly shutdown of robotic cells.

Incorporating the globally recognized industry standard for Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), WebLytics identifies real-time trends in the robotic cell, including patterns, spikes and disruptions in application productivity. The OEE measures the percentage of truly productive manufacturing time: a score of 100% indicates that the collaborative application only produces good parts, as quickly as possible and with no downtime. Based on these OEE metrics, WebLytics can determine if the manufacturing process is running at optimum speed and can monitor and analyze the quality of application cycles – key information for manufacturers of all sizes.

WebLytics can report the use of the robot arm and OnRobot tools such as grippers, vision cameras, and sensors, as well as the number of safety stops triggered and the number of gripping cycles performed while running an application.

When changes are made to a robotic cell, such as adjusting the speed of a robot or the settings of a gripper, WebLytics can also automatically report the impact of those changes on application performance.

If anomalies arise in the collaborative application after deployment, WebLytics allows users to analyze the data collected directly from the robot (s) and tools and report its findings using customizable dashboards.

WebLytics retains the ease of use, affordability, application orientation, and accessibility that define every OnRobot product. Compatible with all major collaborative robot arms and lightweight industrial robots and with all OnRobot tools, WebLytics is easily scalable, ensuring its sustainability as new robots and tools become available. Access to WebLytics is provided through a secure and intuitive browser-based user interface, which displays OEE metrics and user-defined KPIs through customizable dashboards that provide an immediate and transparent view of application performance in real time and historical.

The WebLytics server can be deployed on the local network of a workshop or added to a virtual network that connects to the robotic cell. The collected data is stored locally on the WebLytics server. During this time, the WebLytics embedded web server is always accessible from the workshop network or from anywhere in the world via a secure HTTPS connection.

WebLytics is not just a powerful tool for end users; it also creates new revenue opportunities for system integrators, providing the software required to offer their customers customized service contracts and engineering services for cell optimization.

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