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The Radcliff community now has an online resource for finding small libraries and resources.

Loren Hales had the idea for an interactive map of small library locations since she started the Radcliff Literacy Project, but wasn’t sure if it was something people would use.

“When I started getting multiple requests for this tool, I knew it was time to make it a reality,” she said. “As I worked on compiling small library locations into a custom map, I realized that I could easily add additional categories to create a resource guide for the Radcliff community. “

The number of resources on the map as of Thursday was 20. There are nine small free libraries, seven small pantries, three Radcliff Resource Center amenities, and a community service location.

These resources provide access to free books and food, technology and hygiene services to ensure that no one goes hungry, promote literacy development, improve mental health, provide access to technological resources such as computers and printers. Providing free access to showers and hygiene products contributes to health and self-confidence, she said.

Hales plans to continue adding resources as soon as she is notified.

Currently the map is curated on the Radcliff Literacy Project page and is limited to Radcliff resources, but Hales wants to create a county-wide resource guide.

Resource maps are important for increasing accessibility and awareness, she said.

“When looking for help in your community, it can be difficult to know where to start,” she said. “Compiling the information on an organized map gives residents a starting point. “

If someone needs help, they can use the resource map to find the nearest small pantry without having to search multiple websites or Facebook pages, she said.

“People are more likely to use the resources provided if they are easy to find,” she said.

The map is available at or on the Radcliff Literacy Project page on Facebook.

The community, she said, can use the map to find resources and places to donate goods and books.

“Supporting residents by making social resources readily available is a simple but effective way to improve the overall quality of life in our community,” said Hales.

You can reach Becca Owsley at 270-505-1416 [email protected]


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