No man is an island


The sayings “no man is an island” and “a person needs the company and support of others and of society as a whole in order to prosper” were written by John Donne in 1624.

And that still rings true today, especially as we continue to navigate through the overwhelming challenges that have lasted 18 months. During this time, I received the much-needed support, guidance, assistance and strength from my industry contacts and business connections, most of which came from my involvement. to national and state trade associations and groups. These organizations have played a vital role in supporting me and my business through difficult times.

My company, BB river boats, is a member of the Passenger Vessel Association (PVA), National Restaurant Association, Kentucky Restaurant Association, American Bus Association, National Tour Association, Central Ohio River Business Association, Area Maritime Security Committee and many other partnerships. While this may sound like a stretch, each of these organizations plays a unique role in supporting my business. These groups allow BB Riverboats to closely monitor industry trends, legislation and regulations that will impact my business. Many national business groups have played key roles in lobbying Congress and the Biden administration to provide coronavirus relief funding to businesses. The Paycheque Protection Program, Restaurant Revitalization Fund and the recently opened Coronavirus Emergency Relief Program for Transportation Services (CERTS) have helped to help U.S. businesses survive.

Many of the aforementioned organizations have joined forces to jointly defend American companies such as mine. For example, PVA worked closely with the American Bus Association, the United Motorcoach Association, and the National School Transportation Association, to lobby for the adoption of CERTS. This partnership, which lasted several months, resulted in the allocation of $ 2 billion in grants for passenger ships, coaches, school bus operators and marine pilots. The partnership continues to press Congress for more CERTS funding as we embark on the slow process of emerging from the effects of the Covid pandemic.

Is your company a member of a state or national trade association? Otherwise, I encourage you to join one or more today. These relationships will help your day-to-day operations and provide valuable information to your key decision makers. The returns will outweigh the costs.


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