New Antibody/Peptide R&D Services to Accelerate Toxoplasmosis Diagnosis and Treatment Research

With the self-established AntInfectTM platform, Creative Biolabs offers one-stop services on functional antibody and peptide development for parasitic diseases, such as toxoplasmosis.

New York, United States – July 28, 2022 – Human Toxoplasma infections have significant public health consequences given that most animal species can harbor the parasite and one-third of the human population has been infected, as well as the devastating sequelae seen after congenital infections, such as than blindness. As there is an urgent need to combat this parasite, global researchers are dedicated to the development of antibodies and peptides for the diagnosis and treatment of Toxoplasma.

As an active player in the field of personalized biomolecule discovery services, Creative Biolabs has established a powerful AntInfectTM platform, which brings cutting-edge technology to support the functional development of antibodies and peptides for parasitic diseases, such as toxoplasmosis.

• An introduction to the AntInfectTM platform

The AntInfect™ platform being of high sensitivity and high throughput is specially designed for biomolecular development against infectious agents.

For the development of anti-parasite antibodies, the team of scientists brought together antigen-specific B cell cytometry technology, hybridoma technology and phage display technology into the platform to provide access to tailor-made strategies for different targets.

For antimicrobial peptide (AMP) discovery, Creative Biolabs has announced a set of predefined peptide libraries for AMP discovery. The platform is applicable to the construction and screening of peptide libraries, the design and scalability of peptide arrays, as well as the reproducible photolithographic synthesis of high-quality peptide arrays to facilitate the projects of customers on the discovery of AMP.

• Toxoplasma-targeted antibody/peptide discovery services

Creative Biolabs scientists have gained an in-depth understanding of hot targets for antibody development, including the SAG1 surface protein and related sequence family (SRS), SAG2 and SAG3, in diagnostic, therapeutic and inhibition of infections.

The team also offers the one-stop AMP discovery service with the aim of exploiting mechanisms such as autophagy or apoptotic-like processes to kill different developmental stages of a single protozoan species. It is supported by epitope mapping service, phage display technology and high density peptide array technology.

Antibody/peptide discovery targeting Toxoplasma is characterized by accurate epitope-based antigen sequence analysis, single and combination antigens as sensors, and competitive and affordable pricing.

Other parasite types covered by the AntInfect™ platform include Brugia, Cryptosporidium, Eimeria, Fasciola, Leishmania, Neospora, Plasmodium, Schistosoma, Strongyloides, Taenia and Trypanosoma.

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About Creative Biolabs

As a leading provider of custom services in antibody development and engineering, Creative Biolabs has introduced cutting-edge technologies to support the development of functional biomolecules for infectious diseases. The portfolio of services includes anti-infective antibody and peptide discovery and small molecule drug discovery for a wide range of viral, bacterial and parasitic infections.

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