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Miller Building Supply in Sacramento is celebrating its 33rd year of business.

For Adam Miller, store manager and son of owners Kevin and Sharon Miller, it’s part of his upbringing.

“I grew up in it,” Miller said. “(My) mum and dad (have) since I was 8 and it’s just something I grew up into.”

Originally owned by another Miller family before being bought out by Kevin and Sharon Miller, the family business, located at 12292 Kentucky Highway 81, was originally a way to have some security.

“Every time dad (came) into this company, he was actually a coal mine and then (got) fired,” Miller said. “(Then) he worked at SuperValu, then got called back to the mines, then was about to be laid off again and ran through this place and made a bid for it….”

However, Miller said that even when his father bought the business, he was still working in the coal mines for another three years before moving full-time to the store.

“…He was working in the coal mines (on) the third shift and then he would come here and open,” Miller said. “And mom was running too, so she was inside the office and running out of the little office space they had then. Since then we have added several different times.

The business itself also includes the entire lot, which also includes a metal shop that Miller ran.

Although located in a less populated area with little foot and vehicular traffic, business continued to thrive with people coming from Hopkins, Ohio, and Muhlenberg counties.

“We have been busy. We have been blessed with local support and surrounding counties,” Miller said. “…The local is always a plus. If it hadn’t been for the locals, he wouldn’t have stayed.

Miller believes people come from all counties to visit because of the way they run their business and the way they treat their customers.

“Service is always our number one that we try to maintain,” Miller said. “If people can’t rely on us, then why would they come back? We always try to wait for everyone whenever they come within 10 or 12 steps inside the door or if we see someone outside on the porch I mean we don’t deal with them like hurried car salesmen; if we see them on the porch we will come out if we are not busy if they need help with Traeger grills or wheelbarrows….

While the store carries everything from vinyl siding, metal, shutters, hardware, hinges and plumbing supplies, Miller also said people were more likely to head over because of the products they have or what they are more than willing to get per request. .

“We also stock a lot of things that other wood supply and hardware services…don’t,” Miller said. “We stock trusses, high joists, LVL; we are a pole barn center, hardware store, while also serving whole house needs. Many things (like) doors, windows (and) things we don’t normally stock, we can get custom decorative glass doors and windows specially ordered to fit the size. We have window companies that manufacture windows up to 16th of an inch.

And Miller promises they’ll help anyway.

“If we don’t have it, we’ll do whatever we can to get it,” Miller said. “…I sold the towel rack on the wall in our break room for someone (who) needed a towel rack and then ordered one to replace it because it is this service. If they don’t buy it here, they will buy it elsewhere. So why give them this opportunity if they can be taken care of here?

Although the company was able to survive the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, Miller admits the company is still “in COVID”.

“It was scary,” Miller said. “Between getting the product and letting people in or not in (and) doing the service and curbside delivery – everything has changed. Plexiglas came; we sold a bunch of plexiglass, a bunch of disinfectant wipes, a bunch of hand sanitizer. I mean, if you could get it, you could sell it…”

Fortunately, Miller said he was able to call on his hardware retailer Do It Best for emergency shipment of items people needed.

“…They’re a great company to deal with and they’re really good,” Miller said. “…The regional salesperson is really good at making it a personal matter to take care of his stores.”

And being kind is what Miller thinks the company succeeds at.

“That’s what you have to be prepared to do,” Miller said. “There are so many different kinds of people coming in, you have to be able to nurture and understand that person and their needs in order to serve rather than just wait. And for a lot of people that’s a big complaint about other places or big box stores (stores)…. If you walk in and want to be served, you don’t want to be hassled (and) you don’t want to be left alone, but you would like to find what you need quickly, get your product and walk out. …We try to ask questions so that you don’t forget anything. So if you’re using something, you might need something to make that job easier that we can actually help you with to make your time easier so that that job doesn’t take you two days; it might take you half a day if you just know a trick or a tool that can help you.

They’ve also been a company that wants to make sure customers know what they’re doing when they start a new project.

“We’re not guys or girls who go home and don’t do the work ourselves,” Miller said. “We have built miniature barns here for display. We held seminars for people to go out and learn how to install a metal roof. We held seminars for people to learn how to remove a window (and) put in a new window…. »

Above all, the job is not possible without having a passion for the job.

“…You gotta love what you do,” Miller said. “The more we get involved in different things, the more you get excited about things. You have to be constantly on the lookout for something or you’ll just lay dormant.

Freddie Bourne, [email protected]

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