Matrix Medical Network Announces Sale of Range of Decentralized Clinical Trial Services to Emvenio Research

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. and DURHAM, North Carolina, August 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Matrix Medical Network® (Matrix) and Emvenio Research® (Emvenio) today announced the sale of the Matrix Clinical Trials suite of services to Emvenio, a leading decentralized clinical trials (DCT) company ). The transaction will provide Emvenio with proven DCT capabilities, while allowing Matrix to focus on improving the health and well-being of health plan members and maintaining the productivity and safety of American workers, through its design of personalized and flexible clinical solutions. Following the transaction, Emvenio will deploy additional resources, technology and capital to continue to develop and scale its clinical trial services both domestically and internationally, making clinical research more accessible, equitable and efficient.

“At the onset of the pandemic, Matrix quickly mobilized to provide decentralized clinical trial solutions in support of the development of vaccines and therapies for COVID-19. We leveraged our skilled clinicians, clinical mobile health providers and our experienced leaders to adapt traditional clinical trial protocols to better reach and recruit diverse, underserved and high-risk patients,” said Catherine J. Tabaka, CEO of Matrix. “We are incredibly proud of the remarkable work the Matrix Clinical Trials team began during the pandemic and has continued to grow. I am thrilled with this transition and look forward to seeing Emvenio’s leaders and employees continue to develop and deliver decentralized clinical trial solutions. that best serve the patients who most need access to new treatments. »

“The leaders of Matrix Clinical Trials have demonstrated leadership, agility, creativity and persistence in building a decentralized clinical trials organization from the ground up,” said Keith Henthorne, CEO of Emvenio. “I look forward to working closely with these leaders to build on this solid foundation established by Matrix and to continue to make clinical trials more accessible to diverse populations around the world. To ensure continued access to clinical trials for patients who need it most, many Matrix employees and leaders will be part of the Emvenio team going forward. I am proud to work alongside strong leaders like Dr. Daniel Castillo and Thad Wolframamong others, and I look forward to growing the business with them.”

About Matrix Medical Network

Matrix Medical Network has been providing specialist health care and services to millions of at-risk people where they have lived and worked for over 20 years. The organization’s network of approximately 4,000 clinicians meet with individuals wherever they are, to assess their health and safety, identify and address gaps in care, and deliver life-changing and empowering services. manage their own health.

Matrix offers customizable solutions in distinct industries through home visits, telehealth, onsite support in medical facilities and businesses, and mobile health clinics.

*Matrix Medical Network is the registered trademark of Community Care Health Network, LLC.

About Emvenio

Emvenio is a leading decentralized research organization (DRO) providing scalable and hybrid decentralized testing solutions focused on improving health access and equity in clinical research. Its mission is to break down barriers to clinical trials by engaging with people in their communities and in their homes. Emvenio’s innovative technology-enabled network of mobile research sites, home visits and virtual visits is a unique blend of global DCT capabilities that can be deployed to better reach, recruit and retain diverse patient populations, while improving the clinical trial experience. These capabilities provide comprehensive DCT participant-centric approaches that provide flexibility, meet the most challenging clinical trial demands, and provide convenience to patients and caregivers in a compliant manner. Emvenio transforms the way all stakeholders engage, experience and perform clinical research.

Matrix Media Contact:
Elissa Johnson
EJJ Communications, LLC on behalf of Matrix Medical Network
[email protected]

Emvenio media contact:
David Shackleton
Financial director
[email protected]

SOURCE Matrix Medical Network

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