Liz Peek: Biden teams up for UN climate summit as their green energy policies fuel inflation at home

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Good news! Pete Buttigieg will come out of his months-long family leave in time to attend the next UN-sponsored climate rally in the UK. at least it will weigh on reducing carbon emissions.

Pete will not be going alone to COP26, which begins on November 1 in Scotland. Indeed, he will be joined by Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, Home Secretary Deb Haaland, USAID Administrator Samantha Power, Brian Deese, Board Director. National Economic, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, EPA Administrator Michael Regan, National Climate Advisor. Gina McCarthy, Climate Czar John Kerry and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

A total of 13 cabinet members or senior White House officials will travel to Glasgow. It’s a lot of firepower.


Firepower that will likely be spent on damaging promises to reduce the consumption and production of fossil fuels in the United States, inevitably making it more expensive for Americans to drive their cars or heat their homes.

The White House emissaries could add to Biden’s pledge made earlier this year to cut emissions from 50% to 52% by 2030. This represented a near-drastic doubling of President Obama’s pledge by 2015 to reduce emissions from 26% to 28% by 2025 – a target that we are not even halfway to achieving.


Setting such goals will do little to slow global warming. President Biden admitted this in April, when he admitted that 85% of the emissions came from outside the United States and confessed: “This is why I have kept my commitment to join the agreement of Paris, because [even] if we do everything perfectly, it won’t matter. ”

He is right. Our efforts will be overshadowed by China’s ongoing construction of more coal-fired power plants and India’s push for fossil fuels to provide a higher standard of living for its people.

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The astonishing aspect of this year’s United Nations climate meeting is that it comes amid the world’s worst energy crisis in decades, brought on by the very policies climate fanatics will adopt in Glasgow.

The liberal media, all enthusiastic about the Green New Deal, played down the global energy crisis; they especially don’t want you to know what triggered it.

The event that skyrocketed electricity and natural gas prices in Europe and ultimately Asia was that the wind stopped blowing in the North Sea. It’s a fact.

About a quarter of the UK’s electricity is generated by offshore wind towers; for six weeks in August the wind died.

The Biden administration is grappling with rising inflation, part of which stems from rising energy costs.

Therefore, the British rushed to replace the missing wind power with natural gas. The price of this product has increased six-fold, due to the resulting strong increase in demand and also due to the cold European winter of last year exhausting storage and available product. The cost of electricity in England doubled overnight.

A shortage of natural gas spread across Europe like a virus, prompting the Germans to beg Vladimir Putin for more imports, which the Russian despot refused to supply. This embarrassed Germany’s Angela Merkel who, before stepping down, had promoted the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, ensuring that Putin would have even greater control over the European power in the future.

Because natural gas has now, thanks to LNG, become a global commodity, the 600% increase in gas prices in the EU has also pushed up prices in Asia. China helped spur the rise by angrily blocking critical imports of coal from Australia after Canberra dared to question the source of the COVID-19. Beijing has also had to replace natural gas in its energy grid, causing even more shortages.

As Democrats scramble to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on “green” projects in their $ 3.5 trillion “social infrastructure” bill, much of it on wind power, no one wants admit that an increased dependence on renewable energies such as wind or solar involves risks.

Instead, we will hear a lot of climate hysteria from COP26. For example, on the forum website under “5 Firsts for Climate Change”, as of January 2020: “In Delhi, on Monday, December 30, the temperature dropped to 9.4 degrees Celsius. This is the highest temperature. coldest ever recorded there. The head of India’s meteorological department said the temperature was almost half of what is considered normal at this time of year… the unusual weather is believed to be due to pollution and to global warming. ”

Understood? The coldest temperatures ever due to global warming.

We will also hear from Greta Thumberg, who at 16 shamed the audience of COP25 by noting that promises of net zero emissions are “misleading” because they do not include air or sea transport, or the production of goods in d ‘other countries.

Greta was right, of course, but she, like most climate alarmists, refuses to acknowledge that the entire world is still dependent on fossil fuels. Not everyone just travels by sailboat.

The Biden administration is grappling with rising inflation, part of which stems from rising energy costs. The price of crude oil has doubled since Biden’s election and the cost of gasoline is at its highest level in seven years.

In response, Biden, stung by tank approval ratings, unsuccessfully pleaded with OPEC to increase production, even though he adopted policies to limit our own production of oil and gas.

Meanwhile, governors in the United States have banned the construction of gas pipelines, denying residents of their states relatively clean and cheap fuel.


These are reckless policies that may curry favor with climate extremists, but will hurt all Americans

Hopefully at least one of the Biden 13s heading to Glasgow has a realistic understanding of America’s greatest geopolitical advantage and understands the need to promote and protect our inexpensive and plentiful energy resources. Judging by the actions of the White House so far, it seems unlikely.


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