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SYDNEY, September 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – As the popularity of the game continues to reach new heights, the question of whether the game is accessible to people with disabilities continues to arise. According to the Australian leader Gaming pc retailer, PCByte, accessibility in games has come a long way, but it’s still a work in progress.

PCByte argues that play is just as important for people with disabilities as it is for able-bodied people. The game has significant entertainment value and serves as a social tool through multiplayer and gaming communities.

For many of the 15% of people worldwide who live with a disability, there are a lot of games that are unplayable. PCByte explains that there are several common game features that exclude players with disabilities. For example, “quick events” that require button crushing and quick reflexes are difficult for players with cognitive impairments that delay reaction time, while audio cues are lost for deaf or hard of hearing players.

PCByte claims that over the past decade, progress has been made in making games more accessible. Some studios have specialist consultants who advise on features like adaptive controllers and button remapping, while organizations like AbleGamers and Can I Play This publish reviews focused on accessibility for gamers with various disabilities.

The biggest issue with accessibility, however, is that features aimed at making a game more playable for people with disabilities obviously remained an afterthought during development, says. PCByte. While including people with disabilities can be a difficult task for developers, as disabilities affect people in so many ways, there are many resources available for developers who want to put more accessibility options into games.

According to PCByte, including more accessible features in games doesn’t just benefit people with disabilities. Statistics show that the number of gamers using accessibility features like closed captioning far exceeds the number of disabled gamers.

PCByte explains that the best choice for finding accessible games is on a gaming PC, as it has several advantages over consoles, including the ability to add input devices or assistive technology to create the best PC. or the best gaming laptop configured for a user’s individual. Needs.

To talk to an IT professional about setting up a gaming PC or the best gaming laptop in Australia, you can contact PCByte directly. Besides consulting services, PCByte also offers tailor-made services and a variety of electronic products such as Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner.

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