I am a former employee of Bath & Body Works

BATH & Body Works has arguably one of the best return policies, a former employee revealed.

Rachel, who goes by beyoutiful_mess_of3 on TikTok, is a former Bath & Body Works employee and enjoys sharing shopping hacks from her time at the company with her nearly 22,000 followers.


Rachel is a nurse and former Bath & Body Works employee sharing company secrets

In a recent video, Rachel explains how shoppers can redeem absolutely anything at the major retailer – no questions asked.

It might not be a big secret since they wear a pin indicating a 100% guarantee.

However, many people may not be aware that returns apply to any product, regardless of year or use.

For example, burnt out candles that you used, nearly empty lotion bottles, sprays, soaps, etc., the company will take them back.

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To return the products, simply go to the checkout and exchange them item for item.

You can tell them why you didn’t like the product, but Rachel says they won’t ask questions, they’ll just let you exchange them.

What happens to used products?

After the TikTok went viral, Rachel posted another video explaining where used goods go when returned, and it might surprise you.

If the product was new, has never been used and is still for sale, Bath & Body Works will put the product back on the shelves and resell it.

If it is a product that has been used or an older item that is no longer in the store, they will damage the product and throw it away.

Rachel says that in her store, whenever they damaged products and took out trash, employees had to compact it at least three times to make sure each item was sufficiently damaged.

This should be done so that no one rummages through their waste to use the products once they are thrown away.

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