From firefighter to designer, a local man dresses his clients

LAKE MARY, Florida. – Walk into It Suits Me, a bespoke clothing store in Lake Mary, and you’ll know right away that this isn’t a unique situation.

Your first clue? The models are all dressed in bright colors and bold patterns. There are spicy oranges, greens, pinks and purples with accessories to complement them all.

The man behind the color scheme is Lawrence Mason.

The day News 6 visited his store at 154 N. 4th Street to talk about his love of suits, Mason said he toned down what he wore for the interview a bit.

Don’t forget he was wearing a three-piece suit that fit him like a glove.

He said that wherever he went, he always planned to be the best-dressed person in the room.

With a smile, Mason said, “You must have a little swag, we call it, about you.”

He had swag – and more.

He said the minute you put on one of his suits, you’ll start to feel a little different.

“You have to have your shoulders back, your chest up, your head up,” he explained.

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As he showed News 6 around his bespoke suit shop, he pulled out some brightly colored suits.

Then he explained how he would mix and match certain colors and patterns.

Its vibrant collection of suits, ties, shoes and other accessories is not for the weak.

Men who walk into his bespoke suit shop leave with a different attitude.

Mason said there’s something about a good suit that elevates the man who wears it.

“Your level of confidence increases. Your walk changes. Your talk changes. Your attitude changes. The level of respect you get changes,” Mason said.

It’s hard to believe that Mason has only teamed up with the Central Florida men for five years.

Before opening his shop, he spent nearly 30 years as a firefighter in Lake Mary and ten years as a reserve officer in Sanford.

You would think that a man who wears a uniform almost every day would be happy to dress up when he gets the chance. Not Mason.

He said that for him, a uniform was like a suit. And he loved it.

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“I love that when I was a firefighter or a police officer, uniformity was part of it,” he explained. “You know, because when you dress up as a firefighter and you’re in your class A or B, you’re right at the top of the ladder. You’re right below the military because we’re paramilitary, and that’s This is where I drew my inspiration to become a costume store.

Now he shares his inspiration with others. His customers come knowing they won’t meet anyone else wearing the same thing.

Mason says he stays busy year round. There’s always a special event where men want to dress to impress – weddings, proms, the Kentucky Derby, etc. – and he’s got a costume that will turn heads when you walk into the room.

He said he loved seeing men transform when they put on something they never imagined they could wear.

Clients have said that while her bespoke, bespoke suits and rentals get them to the door, it’s the service that keeps them coming back.

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Mason said it was like that.

“No one I know offers that level of service, and it makes you feel so good. My clients, they love it. You just walk out, stay there, just reach out, and we take it from there. When you’re done, you’re all together,” he said.

He also said that there is a certain level of confidence, especially for the men who are used to wearing only the basic brown, blue and black suits. Mason said there’s nothing wrong with those kinds of costumes, but if you want to take it to the next level, he’s the man who can help you do it.

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