Fine Art Shippers offers art shuttle services to Florida and California

In January, Fine Art Shippers has two consolidated art shuttles to Florida and California, each designed specifically to transport fine art and antiques.

New York-based art shipping company Fine Art Shippers offers two cross-country sailings artistic shuttles this month of January. The one that runs along the East Coast has stops in Delaware, Maryland, Georgia, the Carolinas, and Florida. The second West Coast-bound Art Shuttle is designed to deliver artwork from New York to Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, Colorado, California, New Mexico and Texas, and from all these states to New York. Departure dates are subject to change, so it is best to contact Fine Art Shippers in advance.

Fine Art Shippers, a reputable art logistics company, recently announced two new art shuttles slated for January. The first artistic shuttle travels to Florida with several stops along the route. Along the way to the Sunshine State, artwork pickups and deliveries are possible in Delaware, Maryland, Georgia, and the Carolinas. Newark, Washington, DC, Charlotte and Atlanta are just a few of the cities where the team of art professionals stops along the way to Florida. In the The state of the shining sun, Fine Art Shippers can collect and deliver fine art to West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Bal Harbour, Miami, Doral, Tampa and other cities in the state. Once the work is done, the artistic shuttle returns to New York.

This month, Fine Art Shippers is also offering an art shuttle to California. The route crosses Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, Colorado, California, New Mexico and Texas. Stops on the way to the West Coast are possible in Cincinnati, Detroit, Chicago and Denver, among other cities. In California, the company usually pays special attention to San Francisco and Los Angeles, but the shuttle can actually pick up and deliver fine arts in any city and part of the state. After work in California is complete, Fine Art Shippers returns to New York, with stops in cities in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

The company notes that stops are possible throughout the routes of the art shuttles. To get the most out of this art shipping service, customers should contact Fine Art Shippers in advance. As dates are subject to change, it is essential to discuss the schedule with shippers as soon as possible.

Fine Art Shippers has been providing art shuttle services for many years. It has earned an excellent reputation as a reliable art removal company in the United States and abroad. For more information on Art Shippers and Art Shuttles, please contact the company directly or request a free delivery quote in line.

About Artwork Senders

Fine Art Shippers is a professional fine art shipping company headquartered in New York. Founded in 1995, we have grown to provide a wide range of art and antique removal services to meet the needs of the art community and private collectors worldwide. Our expertise includes, but is not limited to, luxury home moving, art packing and crating, art storage, art courier service in white glove, art installation, antique furniture removal, international transportation and gallery exhibition services. We operate in the United States and around the world, making art shippers the number one choice for many reputable art professionals and institutions. Find more information about our team of dedicated art shippers on our website.

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