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BALTIMORE (WJZ) – Joining the ranks of SPIN, LIME and JUMP, here is LINK, a new player in the micro-mobility game in Baltimore.

Painted in silver and bright yellow, they’re hard to miss. LINK e-scooters, the newest scooter to hit the streets of Baltimore.

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Similar to its competition, this shareable form of transportation uses an app to locate and unlock the scooter, but they say there are a few things that set them apart.

“It’s heavier, which makes it more robust. We have better suspension. We also have a smart scooter, in terms of the computers that are on the scooter, ”said Cheyanne Woodyard of Superpedestrian, the company that makes the scooters.

These computers help enforce no-go and slow-moving zones, as well as perform continuous scans to make sure the scooter can ride safely.

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“If a fault is discovered where it makes the scooter unsafe, it will take the scooter offline to be viewed by one of our technicians,” said Woodyard.

One ride will cost you $ 1 to unlock a scooter plus 25 cents per minute, but the “LINK-Up” program will offer a 70% discount to those who qualify.

“It’s available to anyone who receives federal, state or local assistance,” Woodyard said.

All this to ensure that more people have access to convenient transportation.

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If you want to try one, they threw 1,000 of these scooters across town.

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