DSS Combat Strategy to Combat Employment Scams

Department of State Service, DSS

DSS Combat Strategy to Combat Employment Scams

By Mukhtar Ya’u Madobi

Recently, the Department of State Services, DSS, sounded the alarm, warning the public that its intelligence agency was not currently conducting any recruitment exercises.

While shedding light on the matter, the service’s image creator, Dr. Peter Afunanya, noted in a statement that the agency does not recruit online, sell job application forms or does not require money from potential employees as part of its hiring process.

“The public is, by this advisory, advised, for the umpteenth time, to beware of fraudsters who operate fake and misleading websites designed to defraud them.

“Interested candidates are advised to apply for recruitment through the Service Headquarters, Abuja, its State Commands, other formations nationwide, the official website,” the statement read.

The DSS denial was necessary to protect Nigerians from deceptive scammers.

Since time immemorial, fraudsters lure desperate job seekers by scamming them into parting with huge sums of money, promising to guarantee them a job offer in government ministries, departments and agencies. government, MDA, in return.

Through this shady deal, many people lost their hard-earned money without ever finding a job in return.

Recalled that a high court in Kano State in August 2021 sentenced an Ado Sarkin Fulani to seven years in prison, after convicting him of defrauding someone, with the promise to enlist him in the Nigerian Customs Service, NCS.

In the meantime, it is relevant for the public to understand how recruitment into an intelligence agency like the DSS. The work requires a reasonable level of secrecy and ingenuity, as it deals with the act of eliminating any form of challenge intended to threaten the well-being of national security.

Thus, most recruits in these categories of agencies emerge through referrals and thorough screening processes.

However, the problem of unemployment in Nigeria has reached an alarming state over the past few years. Many people wander the streets with no meaningful employment available to them.

In the same vein, higher education institutions have continued to train graduate students, who have no chance of obtaining limited white-collar jobs.

The report said that 54% of young Nigerians, who make up nearly 60% of the entire population, are currently unemployed.

This really does not help matters, as the poor development worsens the security situation in the country, as a large portion of these unemployed youths become an easy target for recruits by non-state actors.

Therefore, it is high time for the government to nip these forms of crisis in the bud, before they explode and consume us all.

Great efforts should be channeled towards providing paid jobs to the young people in abundance by giving them the skills to start their business, in addition to providing them with start-up capital.

Mukhtar is an editor at the Emergency Digest.

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Yauri FGC students, Kebbi
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Report by: PRNigeria.com

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