Douglas County Sheriff Explains Cost of Extradition


OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – This is a behind-the-scenes law enforcement operation that you may not be aware of. Extraditing suspects to stand trial is not always done by law enforcement.

“This shows us that the cost of transportation for the company was $ 950.”

Douglas County Sheriff Wayne Hudson talks about the cost of using a service to extradite a prisoner. Hudson says his department doesn’t use it often, but when he does, it can save taxpayers money.

“Is it cheaper to bring the individual back using the transport services or is it cheaper to send two MPs.” So that’s what we’re looking at. But at the end of the day, if the individual is violent, if they have a long, extensive record, then we don’t care about the cost of that. We send our assistants to get them, ”said Hudson.

He says that in addition to doing an analysis of the costs of extradition, the prisoner’s background is also checked and the seriousness of the charge is taken into account.

A recent case where Hudson says MPs picked up the prisoner themselves in Florida. Where Adam Hawhee, accused of seducing children and possession of child pornography was being held.

“He’s someone we would never hand over to a transport company. “

“There are a lot of federal regulations that we have to follow, prison insurance standards, that sort of thing. We work closely with and are licensed and governed by the Civil Service Commission, we work regularly with the Interstate Pact. “

Mark Roblee heads the Midwest Special Services. His company transported prisoners to all counties in Nebraska and several surrounding states.

He says it is not a job for those who are not used to dealing with inmates.

“Our people are all law enforcement officers. They’re either retired police officers or they worked in corrections, they’ve been trained in that sort of thing, so they’re all certified.

Roblee says problems transporting detainees can arise. A few years ago, another service transported Franklyn Williams from Omaha to Cleveland to face robbery charges.

Williams, who was literally gagged by a judge during a court appearance, filed a lawsuit against Cuyahoga County and the Prisoner Transportation Service, claiming he was mistreated during his extradition.

The case was dismissed last month. Sheriff Hudson says they only extradite a handful of prisoners each year, and while using a service can save the county money, there is one important thing to keep in mind. mind.

“The sheriff’s department is still legally responsible for this inmate.”

The counties of Sarpy and Pottawattamie also subcontract the transport of prisoners. Sarpy County will typically use a service if it takes more than eight hours of driving to pick up a prisoner.

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