The granting of credits is on the rise, so much so that there are even couples applying for loans to celebrate Valentine’s Day. But why this trend? What are the advantages of applying for a loan of this type?

Loans In Couples Are Booming

Loans In Couples Are Booming

February 14 is Valentine’s Day and many couples want this day to be totally unforgettable. To this end, financial institutions, banks or fintech companies make direct and quick loans available to users in less than 24 hours, so that they can have cash immediately.

There is not always enough money available to surprise or at least as much level as we would like. For this reason, resorting to loans for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day is increasingly common. And it is a trend that is increasing every year that passes.

What are the advantages of asking for a loan for Valentine’s Day?

What are the advantages of asking for a loan for Valentine

Although love has to be demonstrated every day, “Valentine’s Day” is only one day in the year, and if you want to surprise your partner as you never had before, a credit brings you closer to that possibility.

A loan for Valentine’s Day will allow you to make an unforgettable gift, organize a trip over the top, enjoy a good hotel, the SPA, an activity that is not expected … In short, throw the house through the window and treat yourself you feel like it

But in addition, there are couples who decide to go further and take advantage of this day to somehow mark the destiny of their lives. For example, it may be an ideal time to apply for a mortgage, buy a car, make a marriage request, etc.

In short, it means all the advantages whenever you need an amount of money that you have available to surprise your partner or start a life together. So it is not at all crazy to apply for a loan to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Why do loans increase?

Why do loans increase?

There are 3 factors that influence the increase of the loan application: the increase of the competition of the banking entities, greater solvency on the part of the borrowers and better economic perspectives in general.

These factors make today’s society more likely to apply for a loan, whether to pamper yourself, buy a car, a home, etc. What also increases the credits for Valentine’s Day.


What loan amount to ask for Valentine?

What loan amount to ask for Valentine?

For a loan for Valentine’s Day perhaps 2,000 euros is more than enough; since it will allow you to organize a good trip as a couple. Of course, it all depends on your possibilities or what you have in mind to spend: buying a home is not the same as going on a trip! In Good Finance we adapt to you.

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In Good Finance Loans you will find all the information about the loan up to 40,000 euros that we make available to our customers. You just have to download the app to save from Good Finance, connect your accounts and, based on your FinScore access to the best possible conditions.

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Making the request is a very simple process and it will not take you more than 3 minutes to make it. Sounds good right? With three simple steps you have the application ready and we take care of the rest of the negotiation.

If time is a determining factor for you or you directly want to get the best personal loan, Good Finance has the best solution for you.