DarkPulse, Inc.Announces Acquisition of TerraData Unmanned, PLLC, A Drone-Based Company Offering Multiple Platforms, Including Underwater Capabilities

NEW YORK, Oct. 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Dark Pulse, Inc. (OTC Markets: DPLS) (“DarkPulse” and the “Company”), a technology company focused on the manufacture, sale, installation and monitoring laser detection systems based on its patented BOTDA black pulse sensor technology (the “DarkPulse Technology”) which provides a data stream of critical measurements to assess the health and safety of the infrastructure, announced today hui has completed the acquisition of TerraData Unmanned, PLLC a drone-based company offering multiple platform capabilities, including underwater inspection services (“TerraData”). TerraData offers fully integrated, drone-based, geo-rectified and 3D modeled mapping for industrial applications, including transportation services, water management agencies and engineering companies. TerraData inspects culverts, bridges, piers, dam and lock systems, water treatment facilities and more.

TerraData joins DarkPulse’s growing list of world-class capabilities and the company’s positioning as a leader in infrastructure detection and surveillance across all domains, air, land and sea. TerraData provides unique services essential to address the growing public safety issues associated with bridges, culverts, dams and similar infrastructure. TerraData’s ROV inspection services are needed more than ever as the United States struggles to assess the conditions and deterioration of aging infrastructure. Specializing in underwater inspection through its unmanned vehicles (UUV), TerraData alleviates the safety concerns surrounding human divers.

“This agreement between TerraData Unmanned and DarkPulse comes at a time when the world needs our combined technologies to tackle a wide range of challenges,” said Terradata COO Justin Dee. Mr. Dee continued, “Since the inception of TerraData in 2017, we have worked vigorously to deliver value to commercial and government customers by providing customized and complex unmanned remote sensing systems, services and advice – air, ground and maritime. We are currently developing several new innovative product and service offerings and the team that DarkPulse has assembled, and the support it will provide, will ensure the future success of these efforts and provide future opportunities. We are delighted that DarkPulse has chosen us to join the team and we are motivated to start working on a shared global vision.

“As DarkPulse continues to expand its global operations, this acquisition is a key part of the company’s expansion into the unmanned vehicle markets. We plan to design / build the best drone technologies for sale to critical infrastructure / key commercial and government resource markets with production to take place in our Tempe electronics manufacturing space. TerraData will also provide services integrated with DarkPulse’s offerings, which include experienced staff and state-of-the-art equipment enabling the Company to operate AI-assisted inspection services across all media, including land, sea and air ”, said Dennis O’Leary, CEO of DarkPulse. “A key differentiator is TerraData’s ability to work in a variety of marine environments with precision, efficiency and expert results while eliminating game-changing risks to humans,” continued Mr. O’Leary.

Under the terms of the agreement, DarkPulse acquired 60% of the issued and outstanding equity interests of TerraData in exchange for 3,725,386 DarkPulse common shares and $ 400,000, subject to adjustments, payable within 12 weeks of closing. . Following the closure, TerraData is now a subsidiary of DarkPulse. Additional cash will be invested in TerraData’s ongoing operations, to be used for working capital and business expansion.

About TerraData Unmanned PLLC

TerraData Unmanned provides Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) and Remote Control Vehicle (ROV) services and advice to commercial and government customers. Using largely proprietary UAS, TerraData provides photogrammetry and modeling services to the mining and construction industries in the form of 3D modeling and mapping, volumetric stock analysis and erosion calculations for mining basins. Through the use of ROVs, they also help engineering companies and water management districts to inspect underground structures such as submerged RCP / CMP culverts and the same techniques and materials are applied to piers, bridges , etc. They also provide advisory services in the form of aircraft development and testing, UAS assessment and acquisition, and UAS program development and integration. TerraData staff are not only Part 107 certified, but have operated UASs in 5 continents, 10 countries and over 10 states during their careers to date. With over 30 years of combined experience in the UAS industry, the TerraData team is often called upon to work and solve complex problems for commercial, military and government clients around the world.

For more information visit https://terradataunmanned.com/

About DarkPulse, Inc.

DarkPulse, Inc. uses advanced laser monitoring systems to provide fast and accurate monitoring of temperatures, stresses and strains. The Company’s technology excels when applied to dynamic and dynamic surveillance of infrastructure and structures, including pipeline surveillance, perimeter and structure surveillance, aircraft structural components and mine safety. The Company’s fiber-based monitoring systems can assist markets that are not currently served, and its unique technology covers large areas and any event that results in the detection of a change in stress or temperature. In addition to the Company’s continued efforts in marketing and selling its technology products and services to its customers, the Company also continues to explore potential strategic alliances through joint ventures and licensing opportunities for further expand its position in the world market.

For more information visit www.DarkPulse.com

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