CyberLogitec, released the upgraded version of the SmartLink integrated logistics data platform

Seoul, South Korea, March 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CyberLogitec, the leading provider of maritime, port/terminal and logistics operations technology and a subsidiary of EUSU Holdings, today announced the improved version of the integrated logistics data platform ‘SmartLink’.

“SmartLink” is the online service platform that provides real-time visibility into personalized advance declaration, smart cargo tracking, reporting interface via linked data from logistics related parties. The released version is a more upgraded platform with cloud-based data integration feature.

Due to the growing problems of lack of data management capabilities and real-time data sharing issues in the global shipping and logistics market, the cloud-based platform as a solution has recently draws attention. The logistics industry requires different types of data processing such as IoT, images, PDFs, etc. Yet companies find it difficult to secure all kinds of resources due to their high cost and time consuming.

CyberLogitec’s SmartLink platform was built based on CyberLogitec’s knowledge of systems development and operation in the maritime, port/terminal and logistics domains. Hence, it offers an easy to use job for data integration in a cloud-based environment. Different types of data, including documents (PDF, Excel, etc.), can be converted to EDI, XML and other types desired by the user, and can be shared and co-worked with external partners.

Apart from data integration, SmartLink also provides advanced custom reporting services in most majority countries like the United States, Japan, Canada, Europeetc It improves customer service by providing real-time cargo monitoring through linked logistics data.

“As the logistics market becomes fiercer, the demand for an inclusive data integration platform that offers real-time data integration and data service is increasing. With SmartLink, data usage in real time increases the logistics efficiency and the competitive power of the enterprise can be expected.” Said Sung Joon KimVice President.

CyberLogitec plans to create SmartLink’s data integration service for over 1000 logistics companies using its current service client and eventually refresh the global logistics data grass.

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About CyberLogitec

Founded in 2000, CyberLogitec empowers the global supply chain with innovative technologies that address operational challenges, improve visibility and meet industry demands. As a global leader in the shipping, port and logistics industry, our flexible end-to-end solutions and consulting services help the industry adapt quickly to changing market needs.


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