Crews continue to pick up old trash carts

As Mayor Lester Miller announced Feb. 1, he would run departments and hire a private company to speed up the process of collecting old trash and recycling carts across the county. The old carts belong to ADS/Waste Management, and it took too long to remove them from people’s homes.

From Friday, February 4 through Thursday, February 10, County Crews and WasteRec Services collected 12,764 carts. (This total does not include ADS, which also collects their carts.)

“I’m very proud of how quickly our crews are removing old carts from our neighborhoods,” said Mayor Miller. “This has been a major change for our entire county, and our teams have gone above and beyond throughout all of this to help make it as smooth as possible.”

Ryland helps by emptying old carts along the routes so crews can retrieve them more easily. People have to leave their old, empty carts on the sidewalk until a team comes to pick them up. The first pass will mainly focus on collecting the old green garbage carts, but the old blue carts are collected. If you still don’t have a new red or blue cart, you can request it at

If residents wish to get rid of their old carts immediately, they can bring them to our temporary convenience store at 920 11th Street.

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