Conclusion: are e-fuels part of our future?

How greener are these synthetic fuels?

CS: “Since they’re synthetic fuels, it’s not this conglomerate of different chemicals like we see when we refine fossil gasoline or fossil oil into gasoline or diesel. And so, when we burn these e-fuels, they burn much cleaner than conventional fossil fuels. So there is a certain advantage, especially in terms of particles or other things.

SS: “There’s a whole audit trail in place, kind of proof of sustainability. It’s like a little mini life cycle analysis of the fuels themselves, where you can audit the entire production track.

PL: “One of the cool things about fossil crude oil is that you drill when you get a barrel of oil. You have to use everything; we can’t throw what you don’t want in the river. So what you find is that with the existing fuel standards, that whole barrel will go into one or more of these buckets. And that’s why we have ships that burn the most horribly dirty fuels: because that’s a lot of what’s left.

“The fascinating thing about synthetic fuels is that there is a whole new future in chemistry because we can make completely new fuels. The cost of making a bad molecule is the same as the cost of making a good molecule, so we will make very good fuels in the future. A whole new life in combustion, in fact, with high octane, clean and sulfur free combustion.

What about the costs of synthetic fuels?

CS: “We have to be very clear. The production of diesel gasoline has been done in large quantities, with industrial processes that have given companies their profits and provided us with the fuel we need. Now we are making a complete technological change. We are here starting a new industry using new technology, but never have these been made on such a large scale. And that means it needs investment. And that also means that the costs at the very beginning could be higher, and they will be higher than the current costs of raw gasoline. But with the economies of scale and advancements in the process, those costs will come down. ”

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