Check out Bustang’s smaller and faster cousin: Pegasus

The Colorado Department of Transportation said that after seeing an increase in interest in its West Line services (moving people between Denver and Avon by bus), it is pleased to finally have its new Pegasus buses in service this summer.

The smallest ADA Compliant 11 Seater Van may cost the same as larger Bustang rides, but is potentially faster due to its size.



“By providing the smallest vehicle, we can take those expressways,” said CDOT’s director of transit and rail, Amber Blake, laying out the secret of the smallest bus. “It can avoid some of the traffic and be a smoother transition from Denver to the cities for our passengers.”

If you’ve driven Interstate 70 in the last few years on a Friday or weekend, you’ll know what kind of traffic Blake is talking about. The new Pegasus buses just started rolling this year, but CDOT is already seeing people taking advantage of this opportunity.

“In July, we had 25% capacity on these Pegasus buses, so we’re happy with where we’re launching a new service,” Blake said.

With a chance for a faster ride for the same price, journalist Spencer Wilson asked why anyone would take the normal Bustang anymore. Blake said it depends on how long your trip is and what you’re carrying.

“If you’re carrying a lot of luggage, if you’re leaving with a lot of stuff, you want to take the (tang) bus,” Blake said. “There is storage for your large luggage.”

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