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DENVER (CBS4)– The supply chain issues that have hampered retailers and clogged U.S. ports this year are expected to continue through 2022 as the effects of the COVID-19 Delta variant persist. This means shoppers face potential delays in restocking retailers from video games to clothing, especially during the upcoming holiday season.

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“I say to people half-jokingly ‘Order your Christmas presents now, because if not on Christmas day there might just be a picture of something that won’t happen until February or March’,” said Scott Price, international president of shipping giant UPS. AFP dispatch service.

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It’s no joke for Kelcy Kershner of Cherry Creek Shade & Drapery. Two weeks ago, she updated the sign on her family’s business that read, “Want it for the holidays?” I would order now, really.

“Even still, you’ll be lucky to get it by Christmas,” she told CBS4’s Kelly Werthmann. “We can’t get any materials. Everyone is so late.

The busiest time of year for Kershner is fast approaching as families get their homes ready for the holidays. Yet obtaining supplies for your custom blinds and drapery business is nearly impossible.

“A lot of the steel we get comes from China,” she explained. “A lot of them go by freight, on a ship, but we can’t get them offloaded.”

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Between global supply chain issues and labor shortages, costs are rising and deliveries are slowing. Customers literally pay the price.

“It doubles the cost of everything,” Kershner said. “Unfortunately, a lot of people are quite frustrated, and rightly so, but there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Supply issues and slow deliveries are expected to continue through 2022. All the more reason why Kershner, other businesses and delivery companies like UPS say they are ordering holiday gifts now.

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“We have been preparing for this upcoming holiday season since the start of the year,” said James Boxrud, communications specialist for the US Postal Service. “There is a lot of mail passing through here every day. “

Some consumers are already buying gifts, especially online. This keeps mail sorting facilities like the large Denver site very busy. To help keep up, Boxrud explained that Colorado now has two new parcel sorting machines – one in Colorado Springs, another in Denver – that sorts parcels 12 times faster than manual sorting.

“Between the two machines, they will be able to process 150,000 packages per evening,” he said.

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Boxrud said the USPS doesn’t see shipping delays like some other companies do. However, he said, now is the time to prepare for the seasonal rush.

“We all know that with the holiday season approaching there will be a lot more mail in the system,” he said. “We recommend everyone to post early. “

And place those orders now so your vacation hopes don’t include the stress of shipping.

“It’s probably going to get worse,” Kershner said. “Now is the time to do it. “

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To help cope with vacation demand and persistent labor shortages, the USPS is hosting two hiring fairs in Denver and Littleton this Friday and Saturday, respectively. Those interested can learn more and apply by visiting:

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