BUNKER JOBS: Geoserve Energy Transport seeks Bunker Trade Analyst in Mumbai

Geoserve Energy Transport India looking to hire a Bunker Trade Analyst to Bombay.

The company is looking for candidates with at least one year experience in a similar role and a relevant degree, he said in an emailed statement Thursday. Candidates will need a proven data-driven analytical skill set, as well as preferably being familiar with data mining tools and having a strong command of VBA.

The statement lists the following responsibilities for the role:

  • Responsible for department strategy, market intelligence, market analysis, planning and reporting activities, oil pricing support, modeling and data management

  • The main role is to study various initiatives and issues, besides covering Bunker Oil market dynamics from supply, demand, trade flows, pricing, competitor analysis, etc. . to make the most optimal decisions.

  • Evaluate existing pricing methodology and introduce tangible improvements

  • Quantify the impact of different marketing and operational tactics

  • Provide periodic competitor analysis and bunker/crude oil market analysis reports

  • Assess market implications and provide recommendations

  • Translate complex data into meaningful reports for different levels of management

For more information and to apply, contact [email protected]

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