Boosting UK economy and rail industry through new partnership with Israel

  • UK to secure new business opportunities as Transport Secretary signs partnership with Israel, offering potential jobs for national rail industry
  • new memorandum of understanding between the UK and Israel to extend the benefits of Crossrail’s expertise overseas, promote Britain globally and allow UK engineers to team up with companies overseas
  • the move follows the successful launch of the Elizabeth line, bringing around £42bn to the UK economy

New business opportunities and potential new jobs will be unlocked for the UK rail industry through a new partnership signed by the Transport Secretary with Israel today (24 August 2022).

A memorandum of understanding (PE) will be signed by the two countries to share their expertise on large-scale rail projects, following the successful launch of the Elizabeth line in the UK earlier this year.

The benefits of the state-of-the-art line will be extended overseas, through the Ministry of Transport International ferry consulting company. This follows the introduction of the Elizabeth Line, which has cut fares by more than a third for commuters across London and cut journey times dramatically. It is also estimated that the project will inject £42 billion into the UK economy and has created over 55,000 jobs and 1,000 apprenticeships while increasing rail capacity in central London by 10%.

It is now hoped that business opportunities with Israel, the UK’s third-largest trading partner for freight transport, will not only allow businesses to share valuable expertise, but will boost economic growth and could lead to the creation of more jobs.

In July, the UK launched negotiations with Israel to upgrade the current trade deal, which is currently worth £5bn and supports 6,600 UK businesses. The improved deal would establish a modern, revamped trading relationship between two of the world’s services superpowers. This includes seeking better access to key public sector contracts for UK businesses and boosting opportunities for the service sector.

In 2021 alone, the UK imported £144 million worth of transport services from Israel, underscoring the close relationship between our two nations.

As part of the Transportation Secretary’s visit to Israel this week, he visited the construction site of the new Tel Aviv light rail line and will meet Israeli Transportation Minister Merav Michaeli.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said:

Today’s partnership reinforces our commitment to a global Britain, helping our leading rail industry to extend its expertise to friends overseas, while opening up new business opportunities to boost the UK economy.

Following the successful launch of our iconic Elizabeth Line earlier this year, this memorandum is a fantastic opportunity for our UK engineers and advisers to share their ingenuity with Israel as they undertake their biggest ever railway project in Tel Aviv.

It was a pleasure to visit the project site this week to see first hand the work being done to build such a revolutionary transportation hub that will help millions of passengers get from point A to point B faster. , more easily and more sustainably.

Minister of Transport and Road Safety, Merav Michaeli:

Transportation is a matter of national security. This is accepted and understood around the world, and I am happy to strengthen ties and enter into agreements with other countries that make Israel stronger.

I would like to thank my fellow Secretary of Transportation, Grant Shapps, for his visit to Israel and for the innovative cooperation we have created together. I am convinced that the know-how we have shared and the agreements we have signed will result in better transport in both countries, and in particular the greener shared transport that the world so badly needs in the face of the climate crisis. These steps help strengthen relations between Israel and the UK and form the cornerstone of our important bilateral relationship.

This is how we take Israeli transport a step further.

UK-Israel PE comes as Israel undertakes a multibillion-pound public transport project in Tel Aviv – the country’s largest and most complex infrastructure project to ever exist.

The program is supported by the Ministry of Transport, Crossrail International, a specialist consultancy firm that offers its expertise around the world to deliver complex rail projects. The project will see the construction of 3 tram and metro lines to serve 27 local authorities and 3 million passengers per day.

The new memorandum will allow the two countries to share their experience and best practices in large-scale transport projects.

For example, UK’s Crossrail International will offer advice to Israel on the design, safety and standards of new train lines across the country. Expertise will also be shared to ensure that the construction of transport projects is as green and sustainable as possible.

Crossrail International CEO Paul Dyson said:

Our goal is to share best practices, lessons learned and innovation to deliver better results and broader benefits for our respective companies.

Crossrail International is extremely proud to be a partner in this MoU and to act as a conduit for UK knowledge, skills and expertise that will support Israel’s Ministry of Transport in the delivery of its rail transport portfolio. transformational.

The memorandum between the Department of Transport and Israel’s Ministry of Transport and Road Safety is expected to boost the UK economy by giving UK engineers the chance to provide tailored advice on Tel Aviv’s new metro line.

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