Biden policies call for return of misery index


It’s time to bring the misery index back.

No, not as an indicator of economic distress for ordinary people facing inflation and other economic problems – although that can be justified.

Nor is it a reference to President Biden’s dictatorial policy on COVID-19 masking and vaccinations – although that can be argued as well.

Technically, the misery index is determined by economists by adding the unemployment rate to the inflation rate. It was made popular by Jimmy Carter in 1976 when he defeated Republican President Gerald Ford.

You may have noticed this recently with soaring prices for groceries, gasoline and other consumer purchases.

But now, thanks to Joe Biden’s lame and lamented presidency, we have the misery index back. Only this time, the misery is not based on the economy, but rather on human misery.

At the very least, Biden has spread more misery at home and abroad than any of our recent presidents. And it stretches from the humanitarian crisis on the southern border to the miserable borders of Afghanistan.

While Biden can send hundreds of thousands of uncontrolled, unmasked and unvaccinated illegal immigrants to the country, he is unable or unwilling to rescue the hundreds of Americans he has left stranded in Afghanistan.

He can squeeze through the thousands of illegal Haitian immigrants, but he cannot lift a finger to help the thousands of Afghan interpreters and allies he left behind to be killed in Afghanistan.

Talk about misery. What could be more miserable for an American than to be abandoned by his country? Joe Biden is a master of misery.

We used to say – and believe – the phrase that we Americans leave no one behind. Only now, thanks to Biden, not only are we leaving the Americans behind, but we are also forgetting them.

Think about the misery of these Americans, or what the thousands of Afghan allies are going through now that Biden has abandoned them to the Taliban, ISIS, and other terrorist groups that hunt them down.

Misery? What about the misery of the families of the 10 innocent Afghans, including children, killed in Kabul by an American drone? Think about what they are going through because of a military error?

Biden, with the madness of his hasty and reckless withdrawal from Afghanistan, has killed more children (seven) than he has terrorists since becoming president.

If the administration of former President Donald Trump was responsible for these civilian deaths, it would have been condemned as a war crime and he would have been labeled a war criminal. Did Biden, the Commander-in-Chief, give the order to launch this attack?

Instead, before calling it a “mistake,” the hapless General Mark Milley, the Pharisaic chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called it a “just strike.” It was apparently launched in retaliation for the murder of 13 US soldiers on duty outside Kabul airport days earlier.

These soldiers were not in combat, but were dealing with Afghans who were trying to storm the airport out of Afghanistan. They were part of a contingent of troops flown in to help deal with Biden’s botched evacuation mess. Think about the misery that their loved ones experience.

That’s not even to talk about the misery of all those Haitians and others on the southern border of Del Rio and surrounding area, Texas, who flooded the Rio Grande.

Not only are thousands of people living in squalid conditions under a bridge, they are still arriving – all unvaccinated, unmasked and unchecked.

Not only do they live in misery, thanks to Biden’s open borders, but they have caused misery for the people of Del Rio as well as thousands of other Americans living in other border towns.

At the very least, Biden believes in the spread of misery.

And where are the politicians? Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Ayanna Pressley, who made a big deal of seeing “children in cages” when Trump was president, have yet to inspect the appalling living conditions in Del Rio or elsewhere along the border since. that Biden became president.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is secretly shipping these newcomers by bus to various parts of the United States, with no one knowing who they are or where they are going.

One thing is certain, however, is that they will not be transported to Martha’s Vineyard as that is where Barack Obama and John Kerry live.

Peter Lucas is a veteran political journalist and columnist from Massachusetts.


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