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Finding an ideal Fintech online platform can be daunting. However, there are viable web-based and mobile apps with simplified interfaces to enable you to borrow and make investments quickly. is a renowned online platform for bad credit lenders. The website is free to use, and one can borrow from $500 to $10,000. links borrowers to lenders with a few requirements. How legit is, and why should you consider it? Discover more about how the lending website operates and get an insight into Bad Credit Loans.

What Does Entail? is an online webpage that allows a borrower to request short-term loans. The online platform prompts you to provide your basic information and enables you to select the ideal lending offer for your financial needs. The website is free to use, and it gives the interest details of the lenders based on the loan request. A loan payment due date is also provided. connects borrowers to the available lenders within their geographic location, but the site doesn’t offer loans. The website was founded in 1998 and has served many for more than 24 years.

How Works

The website is designed with user-friendly interfaces to allow for easy navigation. platform enables you to do the following:

  • Complete an online form and find a list of available lenders in your area.
  • It allows you to compare various lending options from the list of lenders and request a loan with one or more lenders.
  • Review other offers besides loans provided on the platform services are available throughout with an internet connection. Borrowers can request loans anytime and anywhere with internet connectivity. The site is not limited to any smart device, and it involves opening a single website tab to resolve all your financial needs.

If you don’t find a lender on the online platform, the web page provides a link for a loan inquiry to an extended third-party non-lender network, allowing you to find the best available loan you need.

Some of the Features & Benefits

Borrowers can find many short-term lenders for bad credit loans, but is an excellent option. The website has unique features and a myriad of benefits to look out for, and some include:

Simplified Steps: involves a 3-simple-steps approach that enables borrowers to make their loan requests easily. First, the user completes an online generated form, then compares the listed lending options, and finally, borrowers are linked to potential lenders.

24/7 Availability: is a website that’s available for 24 hours a day, and it allows the borrowers to make loan requests with just internet connectivity on any of their smart devices. The Bad Credit Loans supporting team is always available and effective in all your inquiries. One finds seamless communication and prompt responses regarding any questions while filling out the application form. In addition, the support team provides clarity.

Security, Transparency, and Confidentiality: All the personal information provided by borrowers is encrypted, just like other lending platforms. The entire process has dedicated transparency. Most lending companies don’t disclose their rates, and the borrower needs to get a document that outlines all the guidelines.

The website outlines all the information the lender needs and the lending offers from which the borrower can select the best lender. All the facts showcased on the website are factual for your borrowing process.

Fulfills Your Financial Needs: the direct deposits obtained from are not limited to any payments or financial needs. As a result, you can spend the money without restrictions to offset the bills that held you back.

No Obligations or Additional Fees Required: Borrowers request loans via without paying anything. There’s no obligation needed for the listed lending offers. If the listed offers are not satisfactory, one has no responsibility to pick them. also provides recommendations for free.

Signing up on the website is free, and the loan borrower doesn’t pay any fee while being linked with the lender via the platform. In addition, filling up and submitting the online application form does not include any additional charges or taxes. The additional costs are determined if the borrower and the lender consent to the lending offer. The lender stipulates all the terms and conditions of the borrowing process, and all the loan terms are outlined.

Easy Access to Many Lenders: links borrowers to multiple potential lenders for bad credit loans. Unlike most lending websites that use their network, has primary and secondary lenders networks for the borrower’s convenience. If fails to get a lender for you, the site redirects you to an extended network for other financing options.

What are the Pricing Criteria

Access to is free, and there are no added charges involved with the website. However, when a borrower finds a lender via the website, the loan’s interest payments and other fees are directed to the lender. Therefore, borrowers are likely to pay an additional fee if they fail to pay the loan within the due date. gains money by inking lenders with borrowers. The lender pays a commission for every successful borrower who makes a loan request via the platform.

What are the APRs, Fees, and Borrowing Terms? website doesn’t charge any fee to borrowers while linking them to potent lenders. However, lenders in the network charge the lending fees, including interest (APR) and other additional costs. Here’s more on’s APRs, fees, and borrowing terms:

  • Each loan provided via has an annual percentage rate (APR).
  • Different lenders have different lending rates, fees, and APRs
  • According to the website, APRs accrued may vary from 5.99% to 35.99%
  • The minimum payment duration for the loan is a 90-days repayment term and a maximum of 72 months.

Every potential lender provides the borrower with the loan fees, APR, and additional charges upfront, and all the details are availed on the website. Therefore, it’s crucial to read through the outlined agreement policy guidelines and the penalties associated with delayed loan payments.

Suppose one borrows $2,000 via the website for 12 months of repayment. In that case, the lending company can issue the loan with a 19.9% representative APR. The monthly repayment installment would be about $183.63, and the total loan to be repaid will amount to $2,203.56.

It’s not ideal to request lousy credit loans for a long-term financial solution, but one can ask for loans for emergency financial needs. However, the installment loans are quite expensive compared to other loan products.

What’s the Credit Score Range

Good credit, average, bad credit, and no credit is acceptable via Borrowers’ credit rating doesn’t hinder them from making loan requests. One is eligible for a loan at any level of the credit score.

If a borrower doesn’t qualify for a loan via’s primary network, the website redirects borrowers to a secondary network with additional financing options that meet the borrower’s financial needs.

However, most lenders accept the requests despite the credit score of borrowers. In addition, some of the aspects that determine the credit score include income levels and employment status. The credit score for is under the criteria below:

  • 800 or Above: Excellent credit
  • 700 or Above: Good credit
  • 600 to 750: Average credit (the average credit score in the United States is 710)
  • 450 to 600: Fair credit
  • 450 and Below: Poor credit

Some lenders may consider your FICO score, which works similarly to a credit score but is slightly different. For example, a FICO score may range between 300 and 850, with a “good” ranging from 670 to 739. In addition, other lenders use VantageScore to determine your lending options. Borrowing Requirements

Different lenders have set other requirements on the minimum payments, borrowable loan levels, and credit score ranges. The platform provides you with a list of lensing offers upon submission of the following information:

  • Your ZIP code
  • Full names
  • Date of Birth
  • The amount of loan requested ranges from $500 to $10,000
  • The last digits of your Social Security Number (SSN)

As a borrower, you are likely to answer various questions from the site to verify your identity and determine your repayment risk or collateral. All the questions are enlisted on the application form. Therefore, it’s crucial to provide all the relevant information on the loan application form before viewing the lending offers available. Some of the essential information you need to provide includes:

Reason for the Loan Request: the loan borrower must state the specific reason for their request. Some of the reasons may be student-related fees, credit card refinances, debt consolidation, debt relief, emergency, auto repair, and rent or mortgage. In addition, auto purchase, moving, medical and business, vacation, taxes, significant investment, special occasions, and other viable financial situations may require emergency loans.

Postal Address: You need to provide your residential details, including how long you’ve stayed in the stated location, since all the listed lenders come from the area you’ve provided.

Source of Income: requests your income source and categorizes it into self-employment and employment of benefits. The borrower needs to provide the employment information and the duration they have worked. The terms of remuneration and how frequent the alimony or salary streams are also captured. It’s aimed at checking the eligibility of loan repayment.

Monthly Income: BadCreditLoans requests the borrower’s monthly gross income to compute the available borrowing amount. The monthly gross income refers to the amount made before taxes obligations and deductions. The calculations include the borrowers’ wages, retirement, investments, and rental properties. One can determine the non-taxable income or benefits by adding an extra 25%.

Social Security Number (SSN): SSN aims to verify your identity, check your credit score range and prevent fraud. Bad Credit Loans require the borrower’s Social Security Number to validate the loan request.

Bank Details: Bad Credit loans request the type of bank the borrower holds where direct deposits are made. Lenders may opt to make deposits in a checking account rather than in a savings account to ensure you withdraw the money for your emergency financial needs anytime you need it.

Mode of Payment: The BadCreditLoans loan request form requests for a choice of direct deposits or a paper check for your loan. Most lenders fund an account with direct deposits. Obtaining a Bad Credit loan may also require checking the borrower’s duration with the bank to determine the credit score.

Account Number/Routing Number: Bad Credit Loans request the borrowers routing number and account number.

Upon submitting all the required information, the borrower can view the borrowing offers from different lenders in their location. They provide information vital in determining the credit score and loan eligibility. Most of the requests are successful upon successful provision of the required information.

Why is all this information required? When borrowers request loans, they must comply with various financial terms the lending companies provide. Once you enter the relevant information on, you consent to receive crucial information from the lending company and its marketing partners.

In addition, for the borrower to access the lending offers, they must obtain the offers and the marketing on the loan products from the lenders. One is also likely to find other credit-related services from’s marketing partners that may be beneficial. Wrong Credit Loans partners have many lenders and marketing partners, easily viewed via the website. A list of third-party firms is also available on the website.

Some of the Reviews on has had several online reviews from diverse consumers and professional review organizations. As a result, the website has had better reviews than competing lending websites, and most specialized reviewers have given the website a score of 80% or higher. Below is an outline of some of the online reviews:

Based on the editorial team, has awarded four stars out of 5, 80% or higher. awarded a credibility score of 8 out of 10. The editorial team appreciated how effective the website has been. Further, they found the interfaces easy to use and praised the dedicated support provided by the team. However, they raised the issue of pricing and the need for borrowers to provide extensive personal information beforehand.

Some users do not appreciate how shares phone numbers and other contact information with marketing partners. Borrowers receive phone calls, texts, and emails from lenders and marketing companies since the website is a link to potential lenders. awarded their Editor’s Top Pick to and applauded the online platform for making it easy to link borrowers with lenders and get the approved loans as soon as the next business day. The editors further awarded a score of 4.6 stars out of 5.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) has given an “F” rating. BBB has raised complaints about unsolicited emails and calls from third parties, among other issues. However, has been in operation for the last 24 years. According to the BBB, the company has had only two complaints in the previous three years and 0 from users in the last year until May 2022.

From most of the online reviews done by reviewers, stands out as having a better-than-average reputation online. However, some consumers have issues with the way obtains customer information and commend how the website interface is user-friendly and easy to use with an extensive selection of lending offers from accredited lenders.

More about is not a loan lender, but it’s a website that connects borrowers to potential lenders. The Company’s About Us page describes the platform as a business that helps people by linking them to loan lenders. As a result, the company simplifies the consumer’s efforts to get funds via an online platform. You can find more details on via the following:

  • Email Form:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 800-245-5626
  • Mailing Address: 2661 N Pearl St #431 Tacoma, WA 98407 and the company are operated and managed by Chief, LLC. the company is dedicated to aiding borrowers to obtain loans from lenders by availing a network of lenders. The procedure of filling out the online application form saves time, and the support team has expertise in addressing all the borrower’s inquiries.


Getting a loan from an accredited institution is a rigorous process, and determining one’s eligibility requires some screening. In addition, obtaining bad credit loans is recommended if one is in a financial emergency. Financial emergencies may compel one to request a bad credit loan. The eligibility of the loan depends on the borrower’s credit score, level of income, and source of income. is a personal lending website developed to link people to bad credit loan lenders. The loan application is made via, and borrowers find Access to hundreds of lenders in their locality. accepts lending requests of $500 to $10,000 with repayment terms of 3 months to 7 years.

To learn more about Bad Credit Loans service and company, visit the official website for more information! >>>


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