Anand Ahuja defends himself against tax fraud allegations after having a not-so-phenomenal experience with a shipping company

Sonam Kapoor’s businessman husband Anand Ahuja defended himself against allegations of tax evasion and falsified invoices after he lambasted a shipping company for poor customer service. Anand first tweeted about it last month and responded to the company after he was accused of misstating the price of the sneakers to save tax money.

Sonam also took to Twitter to amplify Anand’s comments. She wrote: “Appalling customer service is disgraceful.” Anand, who is a well-known sneaker-head and the founder of Veg Non Veg sneaker stores, originally tweeted, “Does anyone know anyone at @MyUS_Shopaholic – I had a HORRIBLE experience recently. They hold objects inappropriately, reject official documents and refuse to acknowledge any reasoning.

The company responded, “It’s not about the quality of customer service, new policies, or poor item keeping, as tweeted. Mr Ahuja misrepresented the price he paid for sneakers bought on eBay, which would have resulted in him paying less duty and tax. The doctored invoices show prices up to 90% lower than what he paid for the goods. Although it is our policy to do our best to resolve customer issues, we have a duty to comply with regulatory compliance. Simply put, we have a legal obligation to provide accurate information when sending international shipments. MyUS and Mr. Ahuja are subject to international export rules, and we intend to follow them.

Anand replied, “You should be careful of your baseless slander – it was you who refused to validate PDF receipts and bank statements just so you could overcharge me and keep my goods longer to earn late fees. . Anyway, I have now moved all items and closed my account. Good riddance !”

Sonam and Anand got married in 2018. They split their time between London and New Delhi. She was last seen in an extended cameo in an extended cameo in Vikramaditya Motwane’s AK vs AK, and will next be seen in Blind.

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