Amazon shoppers are angry with new whole food policy


Many of us rely heavily on Amazon’s fast delivery, even though the company doesn’t have a perfect track record with its customers. In 2020, the market was hit with a lot of negative reviews from buyers, who complained about delays, packages never arriving, and damaged items. This year, many Amazon customers expressed their contempt for the company after the former CEO Jeff Bezos thanked them for “paying” for his flight into space. But a new policy due to go into effect in late October has some customers so angry that they say they are considering canceling their Amazon Prime subscriptions altogether as a result. Read on to learn more about how Amazon is turning customers upside down again.

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Amazon Prime members were informed on September 24 that there would soon be a change in any Whole Foods delivery order placed on the market, CNN reported. According to an email sent to members, each order for groceries placed through Amazon Prime will include a delivery charge of $ 9.95, effective October 25. This service was originally free as a benefit for paid Prime members, who already pay $ 12.99 per month or $ 119 per year plus tax.

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The news of the additional charges did not please Prime members, many of whom have started to voice their complaints online. “These Prime benefits continues to dilute every year, ”someone tweeted, referring to the new policy. Another Twitter user said: “Tto think Amazon/Whole food only killed their delivery model by instituting a service charge of $ 10. If you have food delivered 2-3 times per month, it’s about $ 50 just in tips and fees. Quite steep. “

Many customers also say that they have no reason to shop in the market now. “Amazon just eliminated the reason I do the First Whole food order something. If you add a $ 10 charge, your grocery competitors, who all have delivery services now, are much more attractive, ”one user tweeted on Sept. 24. Another added: “So Amazon now wants $ 10 more per Whole food delivery … which is enough to get us right completely cancel Prime. “

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July 12, 2020 Sunnyvale / CA / USA - Brown Bags with Fresh Groceries Ordered Online Via Amazon Prime from Whole Foods Market and Delivered to Home During COVID-19 Shelter in Place Order

A spokesperson for Whole Foods Market told Fox Business the fees were added so the grocer wouldn’t have to raise the prices of his products to offset “operating costs, including equipment,” technology and other costs “associated with the Amazon delivery service. The company said it delivered more than three times as many orders in 2020 than before the pandemic, and as the pandemic continues, “customers continue to rely on delivery for their storage needs. , because the average basket size has continued to increase since the start of 2021, “the spokesperson said.

“These service charges help cover running costs so we can continue to offer the same competitive daily prices in-store and online at Whole Foods Market, ”Amazon wrote in its Prime Members email, which many shared on Twitter. The spokesperson told Fox that the company had “consistent prices. on regular-priced products in-store and online. “

Orlando, Florida, United States - January 24, 2021: Amazon Prime Fresh employees shop at a Whole Foods grocery store, selecting foods for delivery to their homes.

Depending on where you live, you may not have until October 25 to take advantage of your free shipping benefit on Whole Foods orders. According to Amazon, this new royalty has already been rolled out in six cities: Portland, Maine; Providence, Rhode Island; Manchester, New Hampshire; and the greater areas of Detroit, Boston and Chicago. In these areas, the new policy came into effect on August 30.

The charges may also be different depending on your order. According to Amazon, no service charges will be added to Amazon Fresh delivery orders. But for Whole Foods orders, “an additional emergency charge applies on one-hour delivery orders. Grocery pickup will continue to be free for Prime members on orders over $ 35.” Amazon says on its website.

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