Airbnb tells employees they can work remotely forever

Airbnb told its 6,000 employees on Thursday they would have the option to work remotely permanently, joining a growing number of companies that have abandoned return-to-work plans, including Zillow and PwC. Airbnb has also told its US employees they can move anywhere in the country with no reduction in pay.

Airbnb previously aimed to return employees to the office in September 2022. But unsurprisingly, its chief executive, Brian Chesky, has been a proponent of workplace models that give people more flexibility to travel, noting that about one guest in five last year said they used Airbnb to work remotely.

Airbnb’s remote work policy is the latest in its efforts to encourage people to use Airbnb listings as pseudo-offices. About 10% of American workers are still remote, up from a third in May 2020 at the height of the pandemic shutdowns. Last summer, the company launched Live Anywhere on Airbnb, a year-long program that allowed 12 people to travel the world while working from Airbnb locations.

Taking another approach, some tech companies, like Google and Microsoft, have in recent weeks tried to make office environments as enticing as vacation spots, featuring games like the corn hole, as well as fried chicken tastings and of wine for employees returning to their travels. .

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