20 best Christmas stockings under $ 25 in 2021


The holiday decorating season is in full swing and you will likely see many homes decorating their interiors with lights, wreaths and ornaments to get into the holiday spirit.

Christmas stockings are a common holiday decoration to place next to a tree or fireplace, and more traditional households can place small gifts inside as “Christmas items” to add to the main set. of gifts. While some people may think of Christmas stockings as a last-minute gift idea, they can go way beyond your typical gift cards and lotions – Christmas stockings can be an exciting opportunity to surprise your friends and family. loved ones with unique and meaningful gifts without having to break the bank.

To help you browse the range of potential stocking stuffers this holiday season, we’ve scoured Select buying guides with an eye out for reader favorites and selected some highly rated stocking stuffers worth checking out. account.

The best Christmas stockings in 2021

To help you find the best stocking stuffers this holiday season, we’ve rounded up some highly rated gift ideas based on our previous coverage and the interest of select readers, all currently under $ 25.

LANEIGE Night Mask

This hydrating lip mask comes in a compact container and features a small applicator so your hands never have to touch your lips. It’s high in antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, according to the brand, and comes in a variety of flavors like vanilla, sweet candy, and gummy bear.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd generation)

If you want to access Alexa but don’t plan on needing larger speakers, the Echo Dot can be a great compact option to consider. It’s more affordable than the Echo and just as convenient for checking the weather, making phone calls and adjusting smart home controls, according to Amazon. If you’re looking for a newer (albeit slightly larger) Echo Dot, Amazon released the fourth generation of the device last year.

Dangle It personalized air freshener

Dangle It lets you upload a photo to create a personalized air freshener – so it can look like anything from an adorable pet to the face of your gift. You can choose from over a dozen different scents including Citrus, Vanilla, Bacon, and Coffee, and you can also select how you want to crop the photo, whether you want to include just their head or their entire body.

La Marca Prosecco

For those over 21, miniature liquor bottles can be fun gifts that fit perfectly inside stockings. Several wine and liquor stores like Total Wine sell compact individual bottles of a variety of spirits, ranging from 50 milliliter liquor bottles to 187 milliliters of champagne and other wines. Alcohol sets – like the one from La Marca Prosecco, which comes with three 187ml bottles – can help you eliminate stocking stuffers for multiple family and friends.

Astrological coasters

If your gift is interested in astrology, these astrological coasters can help them display their astrological sign around their home. The coasters, sold individually, come in two colors – White and Charcoal – and you can, of course, choose any of the 12 star signs. They’re also made from durable concrete and feature felt legs on the bottom to prevent them from slipping and scratching your table, according to the seller.

USAGA head massager

After receiving a scalp massager in my stocking for a year, here is my go-to gift: It’s relaxing and can be used on the head, neck, and shoulders, according to the manufacturer. This scalp massager has 20 flexible pins and, although they are made of metal, each pin has a rubber bead on the end that makes it soft to the touch, according to the brand.

Carhartt Knit Cuff Beanie

Carhartt’s Knit Cuff Beanie is made from 100% acrylic ribbing and is available in a variety of colors including twilight purple, dark brown, and black. It also features a foldable cuff and a Carhartt patch in the center. Although this is a ‘one size fits all’ style, the brand claims this beanie has a slight stretch.

16 oz Stojo Collapsible Travel Tumbler

The Stojo 16 oz Collapsible Travel Mug, made from food grade silicone, does exactly what the name suggests – it can collapse to just 2 inches high for easy storage and travel. The dishwasher-safe mug disassembles for easy cleaning and features a silicone straw and temperature-resistant sleeve so you can use it for both cold and hot drinks, depending on the brand. You can also choose from a variety of colors, including lilac (purple), sage (green), peony (pink), and steel (blue).

4 Piece Matte Claw Pliers

These claw clips, which made a comeback thanks to recent social media trends, come in sets of four and are available in a variety of color combinations. The large clips, which are approximately 4.3 inches in length and are made from a matte plastic and resin material, are designed to have a strong hold for thick hair, but can work well with thin hair as well. and most other hair types, depending on the brand.

Dr. Scholl’s Spa Socks

You really can’t go wrong with comfy socks during the cold winter months. Lined with lavender and vitamin E, this cross between a sock and a slipper is designed to provide a hydrating and soothing feel to your feet, according to the brand. These socks contain traction bumpers to keep you from slipping, while the smooth toe seam can help minimize irritation and prevent wrinkles, according to the brand.

Jack & Rose Essential Oils Diffuser Bracelet

This bracelet doubles as an essential oil diffuser – you can place three to five drops of your favorite essential oil on the locket’s reusable and removable felt pad and secure it in place with the magnetic closure. It comes with eight felt pads in different colors like pink, blue, and green, so it will smell and smell like a new bracelet every time. And to reuse them, the brand says you can rinse the pads in cold water and let them dry.

Tabasco hot sauce keyring

For the hot sauce lover in your life, this Tabasco Hot Sauce keychain lets you take a miniature bottle on the go – you can simply unscrew the cap and dispense when needed. It comes with a protective silicone case and an aluminum carabiner to attach to your keys, pocket, backpack and more. The bottle itself is tiny – only about 0.08 ounces – but can be refilled.

Music playing cards

A great gift for music lovers, this playing card set features an illustration of a famous musician on every card, ranging from Madonna and Taylor Swift to Elvis Presley and David Bowie. The costumes are broken down by genre: hearts are pop, spades are rock, diamonds are folk and country, and clubs are soul, blues and R&B. They also feature musical royalty as the king and queen of each costume, like Beyonce and Prince as the queen and king of hearts, respectively.

StrawExpert 16 Black Reusable Metal Straws

Selected writer Zoe Malin called these popular eco-friendly straws “lightweight, durable and easy to take on the go.” Made from stainless steel, these straws come in a pack of 16 and each comes with a food-grade silicone tip so you don’t have to touch the metal. The tips can be removed for easy cleaning and are available in a variety of colors. You can also choose different colors for the straws themselves, including Gold, Rainbow, and Rose Gold.

Votive Candle Parfums NEST

This 2-ounce compact candle from NEST Fragrances can burn for up to 28 hours, depending on the brand. The brand sells mini candles in multiple scents, including Cedar Leaf and Lavender, Grapefruit, Pumpkin Chai, and Moroccan Amber, and they can also be purchased in additional sizes like Classic (8.1 ounces) and 3 Wicks (21.2 ounces).

Cold beer coats

To reflect the cold, these fun “beer coats” have a metal lining on the inside and a nylon exterior that can help maintain the temperature of your drink while keeping your hands warm, according to the manufacturer. They are approximately 3 inches wide and 6.5 inches high to fit most cans, and you can choose from four color combinations, including Navy / Yellow and Red / Tan.

Williams Sonoma Classic Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate can be a staple drink this holiday season, and this box of Williams Sonoma can be a good thing to consider if they like the rich drink. The brand claims that its hot chocolate is produced from shavings of sweet and sour chocolate rather than cocoa powder for an intense flavor and a smooth texture. Williams Sonoma has three hot chocolate flavors to choose from – Classic, Double Dark, and Salted Caramel – and you can purchase marshmallows in fun designs like Mini Snowflake and Mini Snowman to pair them up.

Bella Donovan Blue Bottle

One of the best gifts for coffee lovers, this roasted whole bean blend from Blue Bottle is a Malin’s go-to for cold brewing. You can choose between a 6-ounce or 12-ounce bag, or Blue Bottle also offers a subscription service that you can customize for weekly, bi-weekly, quarterly, or monthly shipping.

Grooming kit to grow a beard

This grooming kit includes several tools for maintaining a healthy beard, including beard balm, oil, bristle brush and natural wood beard and mustache comb. Beard oil contains a blend of jojoba and argan oils to hydrate the beard, while beard balm helps style without making it stiff and crisp, according to the brand.

Acupoint Physical Massage Therapy Ball Set

Similar to using a foam roller, this set of massage therapy balls can be used for autonomous myofascial release to help relieve pain and tension by carefully massaging painful areas of the body, according to Acupoint. The brand says these can be used on the lower back, neck and mid back and under the foot. The set comes with two therapy balls similar in size to tennis balls, depending on the brand. They come in a mesh bag so you can take them with you.

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